Stockholm Furniture Fair

Droplet – a rippled table by young Norwegian designer
Ingunn Eikeland Björkelo for OFFECCT

OFFECCT is proud to present the Droplet table with its organic form designed by the young Norwegian Ingunn Eikeland Björkelo. The coffee table has a clear, simple character inspired by the oceanfront setting of Bergen, Norway. The tabletop is in the shape of a gentle wave formation reminiscent of the ripples created on water by a falling stone.

OFFECCT and Eikeland Björkelo met for the first time in 2009 when she
exhibited her table, which was part of a project for Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHiB). The students had been asked to create a hotel interior which reflected all the water in and around Bergen. Eikeland Björkelo’s ambition was to create a piece of furniture that approached the water theme in a new, exciting way. The result was a table inspired by a droplet hitting a pool of water, depicted in the ripples in the centre of the table. The motion portrayed in the table has a calming effect while also creating energy – a good combination whether the setting is a living room or a creative meeting environment.

Eikeland Björkelo is now in her fourth year at Bergen National Academy of the Arts and is starting to work on her MA degree. Droplet is her first piece of furniture to enter production.

“Many people have tried to create a table using the movement of water but no one has done it as well as Ingunn Eikeland Björkelo,” says Anders Englund, design manager at OFFECCT. “Products can never be better than their basic concept, so we thought this table was a good addition to our product range.”



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