OFFECCT - Multi-cultural hybridysm

Totem Gallery
83 Grand Street (Betw. Greene and Wooster) May 17 - June 24
Reception Monday, May 21 6-9pm

OFFECCT was established in 1990 and is based in Sweden. They work in close collaboration with internationally renowned designers to develop furniture for offices as well as residential and hospitality environments. The designers chosen for this exhibition reflect the cultural and geographic diversity that has been the goal of OFFECCT in creating a global design collection. The designers include; Claesson, Koivisto and Rune from Stockholm, Thomas Eriksson from Stockholm, Barber Osgerby from London, Alfredo Haberli from Zurich, Jean-Marie Massaud from Paris and Karim Rashid from New York. There will be a series of exhibitions planned around the world with each designer featured in his own hometown during a relevant design event. The collection will cumulate with a major presentation at the Salone in Milan in 2002. As a part of this program Totem will be featuring a new collection by Karim Rashid along with pieces by several of the other designers during the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) May 19-24, 2001.

The world is changing. Our society is influenced by many different cultures, lifestyles, religions, and nationalities, with a constant stream of new impulses and idea being shared and gathered from all over the world. People with different background, history and life experiences communicate and develop mutual values about contemporary design. We sense a new multicultural lifestyle creating hybrids from various sources and different needs and feelings regarding material, form and design. This leads to design becoming more and more international and culturally mixed. Today, and Italian or a Brazilian can create "Swedish" design. There is a common expression "less is more", but to the contrary OFFECCT believes "more is more", i.e. one designed object influences another, and another; which leads to new designs. Multi-cultural hybridism.

Exploring these trends, David Shearer, founder of Totem Design, has collaborated with OFFECCT to bring this exciting presentation to the New York design scene. Featured during the ever-growing ICFF this event is sure to be a stand-out.

Karim Rashid, one of America's most interesting and vendible young designers, has designed the interior of Totem Gallery. Rashid has dubbed the method used for the space's soft and sleek look for orgonomics, referring to the blurring between organic form and ergonomics, as well as describing a worldwide trend of faster and softer for which Rashid is a frontrunner. Orgonomics is the next step of Rashid's self-styled sensual minimalism, which has him made the recipient of many awards, including the Daimler Chrysler 1999 Award, USA; the George Nelson Award 1999; The Silver IDEA Award 1999 (Oh Chair); The Philadelphia Museum of Art Collab Award 1999; and The Brooklyn Museum of Art Designer of the Year 1998.

OFFECCT Show runs Thursday May 17, - June 24, 2001 at The Totem Gallery 83 Grand Street (between Wooster St. and Greene St.), New York, NY For information about Totem Gallery or OFFECCT please call 212.925.5506 or email gail at or

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