Stockholm Furniture Fair


Designed by Jonas Bohlin
Stockholm's Sturehof restaurant is renowned for being a taste-maker; in food, as well as dining room décor. Still contemporary after several decades, this classical bistro table was designed especially for Sturehof, and made with a collapsible base that enables it to be easily stored when not in use. The table brings the heady elegance of Stockholm's Stureplan district to any dining room, restaurant terrace or outdoor café.


Designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle
Now a favourite of landscape architects, the Parco suite of outdoor furniture was launched last year with a round table and a sleek swivel seating, all of which can be mixed and matched to create customized seating arrangements. This season the suite has been further complemented by the addition of a rectangular table, a sleek backless bench and an upright bench with arm- and backrests that provide sofa-like comfort. Each piece is made to be mounted directly to the ground to provide permanent fixtures in the landscape, public spaces or private courtyards.


Designed by Cecilie Manz
Structured by weightless lines and sleek surfaces, the Spitalfield bench brings clean angles, subtle geometry and precise proportions together in a streamlined style that echoes the clean lines of contemporary architecture. Crafted with the urban environment in mind, the designer describes the bench as 'a seat for sore legs and inventive spirits that rests the body, all the while engaging with the cityscape around it'. The seat is made in solid larch, showcasing the beauty of natural wood grain.

Kaskad chair

Designed by Björn Dahlström
Inspired by roaring waterfalls, the Kaskad chair recalls the movement of water cascading over rapids and plunging dramatically over cliff-tops. As if catching water flowing over a rock, the chair's fluid form mimics the wavy shapes characteristic of fast-moving water. Manufactured from ribbons of steel curved into contouring parts, the chair flexes similar to a sprung frame to provide added comfort. Lightweight, stackable and stylish, the Kaskad chair seems certain to become a design classic.


Designed by Marcus Abrahamsson and Kristoffer Fagerström
This sleek seat is based on a traditional bench shape, which has been dramatically transformed into a strikingly futuristic design.   Taking inspiration from the pylons towers that support power lines, the designers constructed the base of the bench from twin uprights that anchor the seat the floor. Two layers of thick pine slats are glued together to form the seat, which is gripped between the upper reaches of the base supports. Pylon is a perfect complement to high-design interiors and cutting-edge architecture, or any setting where design takes centre stage. A one-seater version is also available.


Designed by Gunilla Hedlund
This eye-catching bench was created by a designer who interprets furniture as sculptural form. The steel frame is crafted from arcing strips of curved steel, while the seating is made from eight irregular pieces. The seats' organic contours recall the shapes of lily pads and leaves, making it a natural fit for a garden, courtyard or park. At the same time, the bench's sleek profile is utterly contemporary, creating the kind of silhouette suited perfectly to streamlined architectural settings.
With neither a front nor back, the bench is easy to place, and attractive from many vantage points.


Designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle
As their name suggests, the Areal table and seating are inspired by topography. The tabletop and seat mimic the landscape, crafted from a series of laser-cut metal panels shaped to resemble fields of crops when viewed from above. Each of the panels is shaped individually and perforated with holes that catch light and cast shadows. The frame and supports are constructed from sheet iron, providing a stable, freestanding base. The table is made in a variety of shapes and finishes for use both outside and indoors.


Designed by Mia Gammelgård
Smile is a low-key, attractive bench crafted in a lightweight, efficient design that is as durable as it is charming. Made with a powder-coated steel frame and with seat- and backrest crafted from painted pine slats, Smile is well-suited to a wide range of settings. The opening in the backrest gives the bench a distinctive profile and enables it to stand out against a variety of backdrops. The pine slats can be coated in a choice of colours or left untreated for a natural look.


Designed by Sara Åkersén
This stool may be small in size, but character-wise, it's huge! Bill is streamlined and chic, revealing the ease with which functionality and style can be combined. The stool makes an easy addition to any contemporary interior, adding a functional form that is essential for every office and home. Bill is suited to entrances, hallways and storage areas, where it can double as short-term seating. In commercial applications, several pieces can be placed side-by-side to form a long bench or a witty side table. Crafted in aluminum, Bill can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.


Designed by Almén:gest Design
Comprised of individual, identical panels, this wall-mounted design can be attached directly to an architectural exterior, erected alongside a garden wall or fixed to a landscape structure. This trellis presents a new direction for climbing structures. Breaking away from traditional trellises constructed from parallel bars or diamond-shaped patterns, the design is based on series of repeating cut-outs that make space for trailing vines to attach. When several are placed in a row, the trellises can divide indoor space or create a growing wall outside.


Designed by Thomas Bernstrand
This striking bollard forms a sturdy ground-mounted barrier while also providing public seating. The bollard's multi-functional design makes it an efficient choice for pedestrian streets, alleyways and small squares, or any area where space is restricted and seating is required. Its sleek design makes the bollard a perfect accompaniment to modern architecture as well as suitable for historic districts.

Kajen Mini

Designed by Thomas Bernstrand
Although this bench is constructed from conventional wooden slats, its design is completely unique. Proportioned to fit into places too small for normal-sized benches, Mini's compact design makes it a perfect choice for environments that are short on space, yet big on style. Like the larger version, the Mini can be bolted to the ground, and also attached to building façades and free-standing walls.


Designed by Thomas Bernstrand

At first glance, the Strand table and chair may appear to be space-saving designs, but they were actually created with relaxation in mind. Based on the classic beach chair, the backrest tilts backwards to make the seat more comfortable. The set's durable materials and striking profile makes it popular choice for outdoor urban areas. Whether chosen for small spaces, cramped courtyards or wide-open areas, Strand makes an efficient and economical choice.


Designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle
The ABC set of planters is refreshingly modern, and breathtaking in its simplicity.
The set is based on the idea of creating a space-defining unit that can function as an individual planter or combine with others to divide space, or purely provide a decorative element. Whether placed individually or grouped together to form a cluster, the planters play a functional role as they add a sculptural aspect, blurring the boundaries between art and design.

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