Stockholm Furniture Fair

Guldlock unique planter/barrier
by Jonas Bohlin

Wooden barrels have a long history as attractive planters, yet new versions can also appear strikingly contemporary today. Guldlock is made with traditional wooden staves and steel bands, yet can be paired with an efficient base made with a supporting post. A traditional rope threads through the top of the posts, transforming natural fibres and leafy plants into a uniquely organic barrier.

Krokben metal planter base
by Jonas Bohlin

Originally designed for the Guldlock barrel but also made to accommodate a wide range of container sizes, the Krokben planter base can elevate the status of any garden container. Made of metal, Krokben’s classic shape is as elegant as it is durable, compatible with both contemporary garden containers and traditional designs. 

Omväg decorative fence for gardens and public space
by Jonas Bohlin

This decorative fence can be used to delineate the flowerbed from the lawn, or discourage pets and passersby from tramping across grassy areas and landscaped beds. Omväg can also be used as means of directing pedestrian traffic, or mounted on top of brickwork to provide a barrier around areas such as car parks. Omväg’s robust timber construction makes it especially suitable for natural settings.

Bakgård bench and table set
by Jonas Bohlin

This efficient table and bench set showcases the beauty of natural wood grain, and its surfaces can also be combined with underlying supports made from stained timber. The set is in sync with contemporary architecture and landscape design, where untreated wood continues to be a popular material. Bakgård is an ideal choice for design-conscious landscapes and contemporary architecture.

Dom Q coat rack

by Sara Szyber

Cold winters require extra layers, and making space to hang cold-weather clothing is a constant consideration when temperatures drop. The Dom Q coat rack provides a sleek solution in the form of a central post where clothing can be hung from two tiers of hooks, eliminating the need for coat hangers. Dom Q is also equipped with an integrated tray where keys, phones and i-Pods can be placed while jackets are being removed.

Sancho P umbrella stand
When the weather gets wet, umbrellas become an essential part of the urban wardrobe. The Sancho P umbrella holder is made with a leak-resistant base lined with water-absorbent fibres to soak up raindrops as they drip away. Sancho P is made in rustproof powder-coated metal in standard black and white colours, and its design corresponds to the Dom Q coat rack.  Paired together, these two indoor designs make a stylish addition to hallways and reception areas.   

Four Seasons parasol

by Thomas Bernstrand
The Four Seasons parasol is a sturdy year-round design that deflects the heat of the sun and provides shelter from the rain. Made from sheet steel edged with silicon, the parasol bolts securely to the ground to withstand gusts of wind and inclement weather. Designed with a striking profile that tilts away from the base, Four Seasons adds a contemporary element to gardens and courtyards, or any environment where shelter and shade are needed.

Parco outdoor furniture suite

by Broberg and Ridderstråle
The Parco suite of outdoor furniture is emerging as a favourite of landscape architects. The suite includes a range of benches, round and rectangular tables and a sleek swivel chair, all of which can be mixed and matched to create customized seating arrangements. Each piece is made for mounting to the ground to provide permanent features in the landscape, public spaces or private courtyards. Parco is also suited to quayside areas and indoor environments.

Solaris planter

by Peter Gest and Tony Almén
By taking the octagon as the basis for this multi-faceted planter, design duo Alméngest created a striking geometric form that uses light and shadow to taint its angled surfaces. Crafted in powder-coated sheet steel, the planter is lightweight and strong, and provides a striking compliment to architectural settings. Situated within a natural environment, Solaris’ sleek shape provides a potent contrast to organic shapes.

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