Stockholm Furniture Fair

Concrete Things and Concrete Things Grid chair and table
Designed by Komplot

The moulded concrete shape of this striking chair may appear to be massive, but its sculptural form was actually inspired by the weightless lines of the Grid chair. Like different sides of the same coin, the two chairs are literally the skin and bones of a single design. The Grid chair’s waveform metal structure creates the skeleton, while the concrete chair comprises the fleshy tissue around it. The two chairs work especially well in an indoor-outdoor environment where their surface patterns can create a visual link between individual areas. The concrete chair is complimented by a cube side table, also cast in concrete and embellished with a grid motif.
Produced by Nola and manufactured in Denmark.

Boris Berlin

Plint bench
Designed by Johan Ridderstråle and Mats Broberg

Broberg & Ridderstråle’s designs are characterised by architectonic details that take minimalism to a higher level. This low, lateral bench is a mastery of materials and proportions, combining anthracite-coloured slabs of cast concrete to create a functional shape with the awe of an urban altar. The pieces are assembled using an old-style mortis and tenon technique, resulting in an exciting new design that pays homage to traditional craftsmanship.
Produced by Nola and manufactured in Sweden.

Frame litterbin
Designed by Johan Ridderstråle and Mats Broberg

Since designing the Frame planters, Broberg & Ridderstråle have turned their attention to another urban classic: the litterbin. Crafted in a style similar to their first Frame designs, the litterbin’s sides taper inwards and upwards from the base, meeting the upper rim at the inner edge. The effect creates the appearance of an overlapping rim that extends outward, yet is no wider than the base. Made with functionality in mind, the litterbin provides any urban setting with a decorative element.
Produced by Nola and manufactured in Sweden.

Wimbledon suite of furniture
Designed by Johan Ridderstråle and Mats Broberg

Wimbledon barstool
This racket-inspired design is likely to score points with any sports enthusiast, especially if a tennis court is nearby. Made to compliment the tables and chairs in the Wimbledon series, the barstool’s net-like panels are crafted from sheet steel, providing a durable and comfortable alternative to metal mesh. The barstool joins the other tables and chairs in the Wimbledon series.

Wimbledon lounge chair & footstool
The comfy contours of this elegant lounge chair and footstool are lined with detachable cushions that make it possible to recline in style. The chair is an upscale version of the popular Wimbledon stackable chair, and like the rest of the furniture in the series, it is designed with relaxation in mind. The chaise is an excellent choice for poolside settings, spa environments and treatment rooms, and a chic addition to the bar or clubroom.

Wimbledon café tables rectangular table
The Wimbledon series now includes an assortment of café tables. Each design was created through the combination of simple geometric shapes, clean curves, soft angles and subtle styling. The tables are most striking when paired with the Wimbledon chairs, and can be grouped into intimate arrangements for two, or tables of four. The rectangular version can seat between six to eight diners, and its elongated shape also makes it suitable for use as a sideboard, buffet table or reception desk. Each table is reinforced by a shelf-like surface underneath the tabletop that combines storage and stability in a single expression.
Produced by Nola and manufactured in Sweden.

Wimbledon, design Brober g & Ridderstråle. Stool, Barstool, Lounge chair, Tables: Photo: Jann Lipka

Saturnus and Pandora; planter and seats
Designed by Nina Jobs

Saturn may be known as the sixth planet in the solar system, but the planter inspired by its shape is considered to be the first in its class. Just as Saturn’s rings encircle the planet’s physical core, the perimeter of this fibreglass planter orbits around a cylindrical urn placed in its centre. Saturnus’s multifunctional design makes a range of configurations possible. The urn slots into the centre of the base, where it is surrounded by an attachable surface that forms a seat-height bench. Removed altogether, the urn can also be used as a freestanding planter. The base may be used as a planter in itself, or fitted with a seat that transforms it into a sleek backless bench. Armrests is also available as a supplement.
Produced by Nola and manufactured in Sweden.

Saturnus & Pandora, design Nina Jobs. Photo: Johan Kalén

Kajen park bench
Designed by Thomas Bernstrand

Conventional wooden slats form the seat and backrest of this undulating bench, but its design is completely unique. Crafted in an expressive, swooping form that balances atop three structural supports, the bench is made with maximum comfort in mind. One of the first park benches to be accompanied by a footstool, the design invites those seated to put their feet up, or just sit back and relax. The laid-back luxury of this bench makes a unique addition to any public space.

The wooden slats are made of FSC certified mahogany or painted pine. Produced by Nola and manufactured in Sweden.

Kajen, design Thomas Bernstrand. Photo: Jann Lipka

Hinken litterbin
Designed by Thomas Bernstrand

It’s not often that a litter bin looks so good that you’re reluctant to throw trash into it, but the smooth contours and gleaming surfaces of this design from Thomas Bernstrand could make you to think twice. Yet, at the same time, its efficient plastic-fibre and steel design has created an economical and ergonomic means of placing rubbish where it belongs: out of sight. Free of any embellishment or decorative details, the litter bin is discreet enough for modern museums, galleries and other design-conscious places, yet conspicuous enough to get noticed easily.

Hinken, design Thomas Bernstrand. Photo:Johan Kalén


Nordfjell Collection – with a feeling of nature

Ulf Nordfjell, Landscape Architect Stockholm presents a collection of objects for spaces in parks and gardens, which has been developed in his own company Lunab.
“I think Swedish nature is always present in my design and I like to use natural materials, but the structure of my parks and gardens is always modern, with very strong design elements”.

Kylie O’Brien, Gardening Editor, The Daily Telegraph said:
“We are thrilled and deeply flattered that Ulf Nordfjell has agreed to design our garden at Chelsea 2009. He is not only an award-winning landscape architect in his native Sweden, but has won worldwide acclaim for his cool, elegant designs. Ulf’s skills are unique, combining clean, uncompromising lines with subtle planting. We are also delighted to see him return to Chelsea after his triumph two years ago. He will bring an appealing, Scandinavian freshness that fits well with the times.”

Stephen Lacey garden journalist, The Daily Telegraph writes:
Ulf’s interest in combining architecture and design, with horticulture and nature is well known and he has developed his own style, based on the local genus for every project. His passion for designing with plants can be seen in all of his projects.

Stephen describes Nordfjell's style:
A powerful sense of landscape and ecology
Plants treated as sculptural objects
Natural materials
Modern furniture and design details
Clean lines and absence of clutter
Bold contrasts of natural and manmade elements
A garden that changes with the seasons
Meticulous attention to every aspect of the composition

Agneta Stake managing director Nola Sweden:
I have been working more or less intensively for more than tree decades with Ulf Nordfjell. It was Ulf who gave me the challenge to start thinking in new directions regarding furniture for parks and public spaces thirty years ago. Now Ulf brings me back to the natural shapes of the public space, with his benches, pergolas and planters that can be provided by Nola.

Bench length 200 cm, 270 cm or 500 cm, height 44cm, width 53cm.
Frame of galvanized steel or stainless steel.
Pine timber, ironoxid

Massive cylinder of granite diameter
90 cm, 100 cm or 120 cm, height 38 cm.
Can be ordered with a drilled hole for water.

Container of galvanized steel, isolation and drainage with or without wheels. All containers has a distance to the ground about 15 mm.
• Containers squares:
50 x 50 cm height 60cm
45 x 45 cm x height 50 cm
45 x length 200 cm x height 50 cm
45 x length 100 cm x height 50 cm
• Containers circular:
60 x height 50 cm, 80 x height 60 cm, 100 x height 70 cm
90 cm, 100 cm or 120 cm x height 38 cm

Pond diameter 300 cm, height 48 cm. Visible ring of stainless steel, including covered sprinkler and drainage.
In the foreground a bench of 5 meters length. Pond on the picture diameter 6,5m.

Trellis height 280 cm, width 120 cm, including montage details for wall application. Galvanized steel or stainless steel.
Can be ordered with a roof as the picture shows.

Gazebo diameter 220 cm, height 400 cm. Galvanized steel or painted black.

height 280 cm, width 240 cm
height 250 cm, width 200 cm
Galvanized steel


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