australian design goes to tokyo

Following on from the recognition of high standard of design at the
Sydney Olympics, the Japanese Industrial Design Promotion Organisation
and Australian Design Awards are staging an exhibition of contemporary
Australian design in Tokyo next month. The venue is the Tokyo World
Trade Centre [16-21 January 2001]. Along with the 60 works on display
will be a series of talks about the design at the Olympics and
Australian design in general.

The exhibition will include award winners and Œdesign-mark&Mac226; products
from 1997 to the most recent awards. After the major exhibition selected
items will tour Japan in an ongoing promotion of design in Australia.

The Australian Design Awards began in 1957. The current nominations, now
online at, range from retro-styled,
hand-finished, high technology cruising motorbike - the Hunwick Harrop
Phantom 1500, which is still under wraps to the public; through to
furniture [see the Loop; and Bongo/Pod seating]; appliances and
industrial equipment [the multimedia telephone kiosk].

gregory design award
Another design award in the region is the Gregory Award
[]. The winner this year is Oh Wei
Siang from the Design School, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore for
ŒPlatform&Mac226; is mobile office with a foldable lounge/bed, a very flat
in-built computer, and a pillow that doubles as a speaker for the
computer and a telephone.

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multimedia telephone kiosk

foldable launge bed

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