Curious about current Swedish design?
Visit 3D+ Swedish Design on Stage that, in conjunction with the Swedish
presidency of the EU, begins a two-year tour of Sweden and Europe.
85 objects by 57 designers and design groups are exhibited.
Design should be used. The invited artists Karl Dunér, Carl Michael von
Hausswolff and Kenneth Kvarnström do so in their own way, in personal
reflections on the objects surrounding us.
The objects displayed include a rucksack that protects the portable
computer - even if it should fall off the bike, fabric with the description of a
colour in Braille making the colour visible to people with visual
impairment, ice prods with 16 pointed spikes, an automatic vacuum
cleaner and an automatic lawnmower.
Design is more than just form and function. Whether furniture, fashion,
textiles, applied art or industrial design, objects are designed to be used
and they help us form an identity. By choosing what to surround
ourselves with, we present an image of ourselves. Riksutställningar -
Swedish Travelling Exhibitions and Svensk Form - the Swedish Society of
Crafts and Design offer visitors of the exhibition 3D+ a closer look at the
objects surrounding us, from several new angles.
Alexis Pontvik is the exhibition architect. The exhibition is produced with
support from the Swedish Government Offices and the Swedish Institute.
3D+ is part of the cultural enterprise that takes place in connection with
the Swedish presidency of the EU for the first six months of 2001.
Brussels, Fondation Pour L'Architecture Membre du-Lid
van-Membre of CIVA 3 February-11 March
Berlin, Vitra Design Museum 23 March
Dublin, National Museum 11june


PONY is back!
The re-edition of the 1973 designed PONY (Mustang)
ADELTA is finally happy to present the Pony ! In cooperation with Eero
Aarnio a new manufactorer had to be found. New moulds for the foam
parts had be to made and a new suitable fabric had to be woven. A lot
of small details had to be worked over just like in developing a completely
new model. The strechfabric is produced by a weavery doing fabrics for
car, train and airplane seats. The colors for the fabric are determined by
Eero Aarnio and specially woven for ADELTA.

Children are attrackted by the bright colors and the uncoventional forms
of Eero Aarnio's designs and especially the Pony looks like an overdimensional
toy. But it is not the toy Eero Aarnio has intended to create with the Pony.
The dimensions are conformed to adult's size. The Pony shows the play of
phantasy which is so characteristic for Eero Aarnio and in a comportable
seat it might carry you to unknown fields of your own imagination.

Aarnio: "A chair is a chair, is a chair, is a chair ... but a seat does not necessarily
have to be a chair. It can be anything as it is ergonomically correct. A seat could
even be a small and soft Pony on which you can&Mac226;ride' or sit sideways.
The Pony has a moulded foam body, feet and ears which are connected by a tube
frame and all parts are upholstered with stretch fabric.
The colours are white, black, orange and green."

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