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On the Janury 8 of 2001, a grand ceremony of the 2000' Industrial Design Week
of China was held in Pudong, Shanghai. Zhu Tao, the wise director of the National
Light Industrial Bureau and the beard Chairman of China Industrial Design
Association, made the open speech and declared the beginning of the design week.

During the design week, the series of forum including Pudong China Industrial Design
were held in the Shanghai International Meeting Center. At the meetings, the symposiums
such as "To Review and Look Forward the China Industrial Design",
"The Industrial Design At The Information Age", "A Visit to Pudong Industrial Design",
"Industrial Design and The Development of Enterprises", "Industrial Design and education"
and "The Conception of Industrial Design In New Century" had been debated.
In the Huangpu Library Building, the other forum -- the seminar of the practice of design
was held. Excellent Speeches and shows were made by Taiwan design experts from Shih
Chien University, I+U Design Company, Era Design Co. and Philips Design Co..

On Janury 10 of 2001, the show of the delicate design works of China was open in the
Huangpu Library Building, Shanghai. Scores of enterprises and universities displayed their
good design works, and simultaeniously evaluated and issued awards on industrial Design
Competition of "Haier Cup".


APEC Product Design Seminar will be held on May 28-30, 2001, in Taipei.
The objectives of the APEC Product Design Seminar are to enable the participants and
member economies to: (a) share information and know-how amongst member economies;
(b) increase awareness of global trends; (c) learn how design can add value to a product
and help to make business sustainable; (d) upgrade business competitiveness in the
global market; (e) promote trade opportunities and design cooperation.

The APEC Product Design Seminar will be conducted through approximately eight speeches
and presentations in the first two days and an industrial tour on the third day.
Tentative topics include:

Session 1: Product Design and Business Competitiveness in the Future
Session 2: Design Strategy of Original Branding Products
Session 3: How to Increase the Image of Enterprises by Product Design
Session 4: Design Trend of IT Products
Session 5: Product Design Trend in Europe
Session 6: Product Design Trend in Japan
Session 7: Strategy of Design Development in Asia
Session 8: Design Strategy of User Oriented Markets

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