Redesigning a logo, a spoon, a car and a house.
Redesigning a city... realizing an utopia.
The challenge of redesigning a city.

Do we love our city? Are we really citizens? What does Quito mean for us? What is that extended and amazing city, our city, in this valley surrounded by volcanoes and mountains? How do we conceive the improvement of our urban spaces?
The Municipality, the Colegio of Architects and Trama, proposed the challenge to the citizens of this city, and the surprising answer, more than 100 teams signed up in order to present their ideas.
Among all the projects presented, 5 have received the winning prizes:
-The sculpture making and lighting of the breaks between the mountains that conform the Metropolitan park of Quito, a project with an urban scale that generates an amazing reference point from the utilization of light and its reproduction in the mountains.
-A new distribution of Quito's old downtown (Patrimony of the world), by giving it new uses, transforming it into a cultural center and giving it an universitary life.
-Environmental project to clean Quito's downtown, by planting trees and by the change in the temperature of the air currents that pass through there.
-Re-structuring the traditional Larrea neighborhood.
-Project in Yaruqui, by the generation of urban crops, without affecting the its established structure, uses the block centers for the production of vegetables.

To this group of winning projects, 10 honor mentions are added, plus the selection of more than 30 projects recommend for the Municipality to use them.
The contest has been a total success, due to the quality of the projects presented, as from the response of the citizens, willing to express themselves and to give solutions to the problems of the city.
In the Digital Magazine Trama of December you can have the entire history and development of the contest:


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