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SPUTNIK opens flagship store in Tokyo

SPUTNIK, the international design movement has shown new design approach to
an ideal and fulfilling way of living, by exhibiting many objects based on
free and flexible mind in Milan, New York, London and other cities. On 28th
November 2001, they landed and set up the base station. 1st SPUTNIK shop,
named "SPUTNIK PAD" is a 3 stories building located along Ura-Aoyama and
Ura-Harajuku, where youth culture and brand-name shops meet. 5 minutes walk
from Omotesando station.

In 1st-2nd floor, many objects, including "Pod" by Kaname Okajima and "Free
Wheel'n Flanklin" by Jerszy Seymour and "CUP" by Marc Newson are displayed.
There is also the Bonsai shop "tree" introducing rarely inquisitiveness
selections of Bonsai. 3rd floor is the real office opened to any people. New
York based Nick Dine designed furniture system based on the idea of the drum

Basement level of the shop is the rice bar "LOW", provides habitual Japanese
cuisine. The interior was designed by Ross Menuez. He made very calm space
with icosahedron-shaped lamps by gluing felt together, and the table tops
and counter diversion of pallet.



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