Contemporary jewelry

An exhibition of contemporary jewelry is taking place until December 10 in
Antwerp. It's a good opportunity to approach the question of the
relationship between the designer or the architect with the ornament. This
exhibition allows us to discover the inventiveness of the craftsmen from Art
Nouveau to the present day (Wolfers, Broadhead), but also of artists (Arp,
Bury, César, Delaunay or Calder) and architects such as Henry Van De Velde
or Josef Hoffman. It is especially interesting to relate these works with
the principal activity of each of these designers.
To go beyond the framework of this exhibition, it is interesting to notice
that often one finds the quintessence of the approach of the designers in
their creation of jewelry. It is especially striking when one looks at the
collections of Cleto Munari in the 1980's (Sottsass, Shire, Graves, De
Lucchi…) or the more recent collections of Arnolfio di Cambio in Italy
(Mari, Sottsass, Branzi, Burkhardt) or of Smak in Iceland (Bouroullec,
Young…) for instance. The idea of intimacy and the symbolic expression
inferred by the jewel are probably the basis of this phenomenon.

Exhibition: Koninging Fabiola Zaal, Jesusstraat, 28 - Antwerp (Belgium)
Until December 10

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Caroline Broadhead (1980)

Enzo Mari, bracelet (2000)

Michael Young, 'Magazine ring' (1998)

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