george molnar, architect, cartoonist

Molnar was a unique blend of architect, cartoonist and social commentator. He is to be commemorated in a retrospective exhibition at the Object Gallery, Sydney from 7 April.

His cartoons appeared in The Daily Telegraph from 1940-54. Then he moved to the Sydney Morning Herald. It was a time when Sydney was changing from a provincial town to a city. It co-incided with the project to build an opera house in the city as an expression of the change. He lobbied for the site to be changed from a city street to the one where it is now - on one of the points in Sydney Harbour. And critically chronicled the project and how it affected the population of the city at the time. A selection of these cartoons will be on exhibition.

As well as cartooning Molnar also played a big role in educating the city's architects and opened them to new ideas from Europe, particularly Hungary, where he worked until 1939.
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new design 2001

These designs, in furniture, ceramics, glass and textiles, are selected from 38 university art and design schools around Australia. Several of the exhibits reflect an interest in cultural references, like Sandra Brown's 'Tea bowl to Tea cup - an Evolution of the drinking object' [pictured] and Derek Chandler's Contour Chair, finished in automotive duco.

The exhibition is on at Object Galleries until 6 May.]

5 australian chairs

modern|postmodern virtually gets to the milan furniture fair with an online exhibition of 5 chairs that have been critical in Australian furniture design. The chairs cover the 40 years from 1952 to 1992. They share a similar sense of being provocative as well as experimental. Newson's Lockheed Lounge and Chris Connells's Pepe both have an international reputation. But the earlier chairs by Featherston, Andrews and McLay are only now gaining the recognition they are due.
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