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In Europe we often hear of Japanese economy's prolonged recession, but what is rarely reported is that this same period has been a time characterized by profound individuation and creativity among the young. And there are few better demonstrations of this than in the flourishing of design culture. Already a nation known for its provocative mixes of zen and cute backed by precision engineering, in today's Japan, whether in the number of new furniture shops opening in cities nationwide, the way that design features dominate the popular magazines, or in repurposed architecture, youth culture design rules!

Sweden may be the foreign culture most visible within this movement, largely because of it's eloquent and energetic promotion via the annual Swedish Style in Tokyo events of 1999 through 2003. This annual festival has not only succeeded in making contemporary Swedish culture and lifestyle very hip, but equally importantly, it has at the same time promoted design as a cross-cultural, collaborative activity. Swedish Style in Tokyo has created new cultural encounters between the two countries and has stimulated many business chances imbued with uplifting creative energy. In 2002, for example, Swedish creators, artists, and companies participated in 35 events all?around Tokyo during the event's 11 day run, and was covered by more than 50 magazines, papers, and television programs.

The mutual enthusiasm has never been stronger between the young creators of Sweden and Japan. This is the moment to catch. TOKYO STYLE IN STOCKHOLM 2004 promises to realize the natural extension of Swedish Style in Tokyo, turning the tides in the other direction, remixing and remodeling one whole section of Stockholm for six days of exhibitions and events as a space for experiencing and celebrating the collaborations of leading Japanese and Swedish creators, presented for the first time in Europe. This project will also function to launch “Sweden - a space for minds!” promoting Stockholm an annual creative magnet in Europe, inviting one country each summer to come and show off its best and brightest. And the series will launch with Japan.