stackable wooden chair
designed by Susanne Fossgreen. KVIST proudly presents a new wooden chair, Spring, designed by Susanne Fossgreen.
Spring is a wooden chair with the same lightness, flexibility of use, and strength as the numerous metal chairs available on the market, and an alternative here to. Its design is outstanding and timeless, while at the same time being visionary.

The chair is intended for use in many different settings in both private homes and on the contract market. In lounges, meeting- or conference rooms, museums, churches, waiting rooms, restaurants, canteens etc. Spring is with legs of solid beech wood with finger joints, the bentwood shell is covered with high -pressure laminate in different colours and can furthermore be upholstered, either partly or fully. The chair is available with accessories like linking device and trolley. Susanne Fossgreen, born 1961, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 1987. Freelance since 1992. Has worked with interior design and design of furniture and articles for every day use for companies in Denmark, Germany and Italy.

An exclusive conference chair

Kvist Møbler proudly presents "Blues", an exclusive new conference chair, specially developed by Kvist Møbler and designed by Tom Stepp. The "Blues" conference chair is made from a one-piece moulded shell with separate fixed seat and back cushions. These cushions have detachable covers that allow for subsequent changes in taste and ensure a perfect match with surrounding furnishings.

Swivel mounted, the "Blues" chair also comes with a swivel return function and tiltable seat option. The tubular metal armrests are wound with leather thong and incorporated into the chair back construction. This provides users with a comfortable "arms around" feel. The design and the careful selection of materials ensure that the "Blues" conference chair not only retains an expression of simplicity and serenity, but also gives users a feeling of authority and dignity. Blues is available in walnut, beech, birch and cherry.


An exclusive series of versatile conference tables
Kvist Møbler proudly presents "Pylon", an exclusive new series of conference and meeting tables specially developed with versatility in mind, and designed by Pelikan & Co. The table is supported on a base of pylons, with inspiration drawn from bridge building. This base consists of a simple lattice construction, which also serves as a housing for electrical cables.

All cables can easily be led from floor to pylon top, and plug sockets, transformers or spare cabling can be stored under the tabletop. In addition, covers can be fitted above each pylon for convenient installation of computers and other desktop equipment requiring a power supply. The "Pylon" tabletop consists of a 30 mm frameless three-layer solid wood top, with 60 mm rounded edges. "Pylon" tables are available in lengths from 120 cm to 480 cm, and widths from 90 cm to 120 cm, making them ideal for both large and small conference and meeting rooms. Two or more triangular pylons support rectangular tables as standard. Additional square pylon plinths are used with extra long tables. All square tables use square pylons as standard support columns. A combination of steel and wood is now a common feature of conference room furniture, but most tables of this kind feature veneer surfaces. In contrast, by making full use of the latest three-layer technique that stabilises the structure of the tabletop, Kvist Møbler is able to produce tables with an exclusive, genuine "solid wood" feel that is an enhancement to any conference or meeting room. With large table spans, easily accessible from all sides, and a space saving pylon plinth support design that allows generous leg room, "Pylon" conference tables are both functional in use and modern in design — and available exclusively from Kvist Møbler in Denmark.


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