Break, an exhibition by designers Nina Jobs and Sara Szyber, features the absolute latest in furniture, textiles and lighting. Some fifty new products from different Swedish manufacturers are presented in a new and unexpected way.

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“We wanted to create a living meeting-place for the industry – one which offers inspiration and new products while at the same time functioning as a place to take a break. People should experience the exhibition and make use of the furnishings. The Break concept shows new angles of approach and offers unexpected combinations. An exhibition in black and white with strong colour accents. A Break!”

With the aid of the Stockholm based design agency logdesign, a pamphlet has also been produced, which, together with art films by Anita Malmqvist and music from the group Physics, Sweden,creates the whole concept of Break.

Swedish Furniture Industry Association has taken the initiative to show the exhibition in Milan. New products have been added to the first version of Break, shown at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2003.

Sara Szyber
Is an interior designer with her own office in Stockholm. She works with interior design projects, exhibition concepts and product design.Sara has participated with products in a number of international exhibitions.

Nina Jobs
Has a background as a graphic designer and a master in textile design from Paris, France. Nina ’s work covers a wide range with an accent on textiles and has been featured in the international press and has won a number of design awards.

Swedish Furniture, Svezia Light and Break
Swedish Furniture Industry Association (SMI)includes the
majority of the most well-known design companies in the Swedish furniture industry.

Over the years,SMI has initiated and arranged exhibitions and
projects to stimulate Swedish furniture exports and spread
knowledge about Swedish furniture design. Previous exhibitions in Italy include Svezia – Italia and Sweden Next..
As co-organisers of the Svezia Light exhibition, we are very pleased and grateful that the Province of Milan has allowed us
to hold the exhibition at Palazzo Isimbardi.

SMI has made it possible to show the Break exhibition (created by the designers Nina Jobs and Sara Szyber)as an important part of Svezia Light, and thereby wishes to support business
enterprise and Swedish design. In addition to companies,
independent designers and artists are also represented in the
exhibition. SMI wants to expand the opportunities for more
companies and individuals to be able to play a role on the
international stage, and Break is an example of this commitment. Together with established companies and designers, we also want to make room for young designers and artists, in order to create excitement and be involved in influencing events in our society.

As an industry organisation we have a responsibility to participate in the development of the furniture and interior design sector, so that it can retain its position as the most design-intensive sector in Swedish industry. Design and contact across borders are important prerequisites for creating jobs and developing products and services for the future.

Ragne Bogholt
Swedish Furniture Industry Association