I Saloni 2002: the international design showcase now in its 41st year

Concomitantly with the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, this year’s trade fair agenda also includes the kitchen event Eurocucina, the office furniture show Eimu and the furniture accessories show Salone del Complemento d’Arredo, all from the 10th to the 15th of April 2002.
Pavilion 9 is the venue for SaloneSatellite, plus major two parallel events: GrandHotelSalone, an exhibit dedicated to contract furnishings for the hospitality, and FTK, Technology for the Kitchen.

For the 41st year running, Milan’s April Saloni shows will be opening with the latest and very best offerings for the furniture and furnishings market.

“The Saloni shows are an unmissable event for the whole industry”, states Rosario Messina, President of Cosmit. “The events are trend setters, rather than mere display cases. And that’s exactly what the trade wants the shows to be. Operators, designers, journalists and, first and foremost manufacturers, all converge on the Saloni with the most advanced and interesting new developments in materials, styles, colors and markets.

Defined the world over as “the Salone phenomenon”, the event thrives thanks to the unfailing courage of exhibitors who come to the show not to “sense” market trends, but to make them. A genuine act of faith that outlives the ups and downs of the economy. This is what gives the Salone its competitive edge. It is an event that makes the market instead of being made by it, as evidenced by the growing number of applications from non-Italian manufacturers wishing to join the ranks at the furniture industry’s top event.”

Messina goes on to add: “The Milan fairgrounds are stretched to the limit by the event: there are almost two thousand exhibitors on hand, including 220 from 24 countries: 1,500 at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, 170 at Eimu, 150 at Salone del Complemento d’Arredo and 130 at Eurocucina; the net exhibit space is in excess of 195 thousand square meters.”
“Over 170 thousand trade visitors from at least 150 different countries will be arriving along with 3,000 journalists, confirming that Milan’s annual furniture shows are not just a routine appointment, but a unique global experience.”

Messina has this to say about the individual events: “The Salone Internazionale del Mobile and Salone del Complemento d’Arredo, situated in the same exhibit space, offer products and prototypes for a wide array of domestic décors and styles, from classic to design, and from contemporary to ethnic.

Visitors are looking forward to the two biennial shows, Eimu and Eurocucina, both situated in the new Portello pavilions. This edition of Eimu marks quite a departure, starting from its new name, Eimu.2002 Comfort & Technology and an entirely new format focussing on the two terms contained in the title. The changes were the result of an interesting piece of research undertaken among exhibitors, visitors, architects, retailers and journalists. Another novelty is the Academy – a series of five daily seminars featuring experts from different areas of the industry, called upon to discuss the themes of the show, comfort and technology, in fields as far apart as psychology, ecology, advanced materials, sociology, architecture and design”.

Gianfranco Marinelli, coordinator of Eimu.2002 had this to add: “This edition of Eimu has been radically revamped, with a new and more active role for exhibitors during the Academy seminars. And the approach will hopefully have visitors eagerly awaiting each new edition’s special themes”.
Messina underlines the importance of the other biennial event: “Eurocucina has now become Europe’s most important kitchen fair: the Italian and international exhibitors taking part are unrivalled in terms of quality.
In 2002 Eurocucina is also putting together a parallel event of its own, entitled FTK, Technology for the Kitchen, which will showcase new products, prototypes, concepts, ideas and previews of the kitchen of the future”.
FTK, Technology for the Kitchen can be found in Pavilion 9, the only one open to the public at large every day of the show, together with GrandHotelSalone and SaloneSatellite.

Now in its fifth edition, SaloneSatellite is looking better than ever, according to Manlio Armellini, Managing Director of Cosmit. “The success of SaloneSatellite is proof that the Salone del Mobile is impervious to the passing of time. Now 41 years old, the Salone certainly doesn’t look its age, confirming that Cosmit’s intuition was absolutely spot on five years ago when it came up with the idea for SaloneSatellite.

Many of the designs presented at SaloneSatellite are today in production: the exhibitors on hand at our trade shows, the entrepreneurs, have now learned to set aside some time during their hectic schedule to take a look at the selection of new ideas.
We are pleased to take so many young talents on board, and they in turn reward us with their passion, commitment and outstanding quality work.
SaloneSatellite is a special event: a real catalyst for ideas, messages, designs and personalities from all over the world.”
GrandHotelSalone is an exhibit that recreates a properly functioning hotel within the showgrounds, featuring the best new designs and furnishings for the hospitality industry.
In the words of the Chairman of Federlegno-Arredo, Rodrigo Rodriquez, “Cosmit must of course be acknowledged for conceiving and organizing the event, but GrandHotelSalone also represents Federlegno-Arredo’s first step towards seriously approaching the contract furnishings market. The Italian furniture and furnishings industry, represented by the associations that belong to our
federation, is acutely aware of the growing demand for furnishing products designed for the hospitality sector both in Italy and abroad. In an effort to muster their forces, we recently established the Contract Inter-Association Project, with its own portal.”
Lots of changes afoot for Saloni 2002. And as always, thousands of ideas, products, objects and designs that the public at large will also be able to admire on Sunday, 14 April.