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The Swedish Furniture Industry Association (SMI) together with five prestigious Swedish furniture companies will be representing Swedish Design at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York in May. The new leadership at SMI in conjunction as coming as an entity is an integral part in increasing availability of Swedish furniture in the U.S.


Swedish furniture designers and architects are famous for combining innovative engineering and ingenuity with quality, visual aesthetics and functionality. Swedish design reflects the essential role of a product, and a well-designed product creates added value. With a future workplace characterized by simplicity and the need for communication and creative meeting places, the need for ergonomics and flexibility is evident. A piece of furniture must stand the wear and tear of the eye as well as by use.

Galleri Stolen

"We are delighted being able to bring Swedish design at its best to the American market.," said Nils Erik Engström, the new managing director of SMI. "Sweden has always been known for its sense of quality, innovation and functional design and this is what we are bringing to ICFF. I'm proud to see that such forward thinking companies as Källemo, Offecct, Swedese, Iform and Galleri Stolen represent Swedish design in New York."

The world's unquenchable thirst for new innovative designs and the increasing need for flexibility, mobility, functionality and comfort in today's society demands a great deal from designers and architects. In order to satisfy the needs of the discerning furniture connoisseur and facilitate the evolution of furniture design, companies must think outside the box and be willing to invest in international talent. Swedish furniture companies are an excellent example of what the synergy between Swedish design concepts and international designers can and have accomplished.

For many years design and fashion has been synonymous with Italy, but with such prestigious representatives as Källemo, Offecct, Swedese, Iform and Galleri Stolen, Swedish furniture companies have given the design world a reason to look their way.

SMI is an organization that represents more than 100 furniture companies embodying nearly 60% of all the furniture produced in this dynamic nation. SMI's members consist of companies producing and marketing furniture entirely or partially manufactured by Swedish companies. SMI has an important role and a number of liabilities in helping its members become more competitive. Some of the organizations main responsibilities are to promote their members' interests domestically and internationally; provide continual information about market trends, laws and regulations and environmental issues; and contribute to the development and adaptation of new routines, techniques and technologies. In addition, SMI is responsible for arranging the annual International Furniture Fair in conjunction with Stockholm International Fairs. SMI also serves as a contact party and reference group for the Swedish furniture industry and also promotes the quality trademark "Möbelfakta."