The HUNTING CHAIR by Børge Mogensen

Click for a clooser view   Fredericia Furnitures A/S are pleased to present a relaunch of Børge Mogensen's HUNTING CHAIR at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair 2001. Børge Mogensen designed the HUNTING CHAIR in 1950 for the Cabinetmakers' Guild Autumn Exhibition, the theme of which was "The Hunting Lodge".
Charateristic of the HUNTING CHAIR is its unusually low seat height, which was typical of many chair designs of that period. The front edge of the seat is only 28 cm aboce the floor.

The chair is made of oak. The armrest is formed as a short, wide paw that supports the elbow and the rear part of the forearm.

Seat and backrest are made of saddle leather, fixed with adjustable fittings. The scent of oakwood and saddle leather is unmistakable. This is a beautiful classic in harmony with today's requirements for natural materials and high quality.

Fifty-one years after Børge Mogensen had the HUNTING CHAIR on his drawing board this chair is once again ready to take its place in homes in Denmark and around the world.

The chair measures: H: 68 cm D: 88 cm W: 71 cm SH: 28 cm