November 10-16 are FutureDesignDays. During one whole week we gather to debate the future of design, communication and brand building. We can all agree that design is a sharp tool. But how do we use it to create forms that means something to people? During FutureDesignDays, questions will be more important than answers. Would you like to be one of those who ask?

The future is the only time-zone we can influence. And design is a sharp tool in shaping the future. The intentions and values of design are going to be increasingly important in determining our possibilities to create a sustainable way of living. FutureDesignDays gathers actors from all disciplines for a whole week of debates on the shape of the future. How do we achieve design that means something to people?


Sir Terence Conran, Katharine Hamnett, Tyler Brûlé, Patrick Whitney, Nirvan Richter, Gert Wingårdh and Stefan Lindfors will all be at Future Design Days.

The programme for FutureDesignDays is now officially set. During November 10-16 some of the world’s leading designers, architects, communication specialists, researchers and decision-makers will gather in Borås, Sweden. During a whole week, the driving forces of the design process will be debated.


FutureDesignDays aims towards awakening and nurturing curiosity. In order to achieve this, we gather lectures, debates and presentations. And we make room for new meetings among the participants. All in one place. A communications central for the ear, the eye, the hand, the tongue and the nose: All senses are tickled. FutureDesignDays pushes through all barriers. The result will be both reactions and interactions. We can be sure the questions will be more important than the answers. The only question is; which is your question? FutureDesignDays is open to all. Maybe you're in business. Maybe you're in art and design. Maybe you're in marketing and communication. Maybe you're in research and technology or pursue your studies. Never the less, we are sure that you are blessed with curiosity. FutureDesignDays merge all disciplines and professions into new synergies. Together we identify the zeitgeist – and make it visible to us. Then we can kick-start the future. It all happens during one single week in Borås, Sweden.