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At the end of 1997 Fritz Hansen A/S and 1:6 DESIGN introduced the miniature version of the Seven chair. There has been great interest in the small chair both
in Denmark and abroad.

Now introduce 1:6 DESIGN The Ant with the original 3 legs.

The shell of the miniatures are constructed of 4 layers of sl iced beech veneer and 2 layers of cotton canvas. The painting process is similar to the one applied to the original fullscale chair. The frame and the other parts consist of the same materials as the famous chairs and for that purpose special tools are developed. The small-scale models are not only a faithful replica, it also "feels" like the originals.

Both miniature chairs are available in natural beech, natural nut and lacquer shades: black, white, red, dark blue, yellow, frost, terracotta and lime.

Each miniature chair is delivered in a specially designed box, with a 16 page colour leaflet, summarizing briefly about the archicture and design of Arne Jacobsen.

The model chairs are ideal for miniature enthusiasts, designers, architects and furniture lovers - indeed for all, who care for and cherish beautiful design!

13,0 x 8,6 x 8,7 cm.

US price $110 each incl.sending
Euro price €95 each incl.sending