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PH 5 celebrates its 50th anniversary. Louis Poulsen commemorates the
birthday by introducing PH 50, a special version of the famous fixture, a
bright spot in your interior design.

For five decades, PH 5 has proven its unique ability to blend into all types of interiors. We now introduce the 2008 version, PH 50, in five completely new colours that present new decorative options – without changing Poul Henningsen’s design or the excellent ideas underlying the light processing.
Where the classic PH 5 version comes with matt surface, the new PH 50 models have high-lustre surfaces, which give, together with the new colours, the fixture its novel look.
The bright colours are Chili Red, Mint Blue, Wasabi Green, Coconut White and Olive Black.

Options abound; mix colours above your dining table, create simple, harmonious interiors with new colour combinations, suspend the fixtures in clusters or solitary. PH 50 will add to your interior decoration, lit or unlit. PH 5 was first introduced at the exhibition "Glass, light and colours" at the
Danish Museum of Art & Design in Copenhagen in 1958 as a classic novelty.
At the time, no one could foresee that PH 5 would one day come to be the
epitome of a PH fixture.

PH 5 was the embodiment of all the experience Poul Henningsen had reaped
during more than 30 years’ research into lighting. In PH 5, Poul Henningsen
combined the three-shade and the four-shade fixtures to create a pendant that
integrated downlight and diffused room illumination.

For a number of years, PH 5 has only been available in white and graphite but
was originally introduced in a variety of colours. In introducing the five new
colours, Louis Poulsen is accommodating massive appeals from the market. The
new PH 50 is at once classic and modern and will add fresh vitality to many
different interiors.

As PH 5, PH 50 comes with E 27 lamp holder and can therefore be fitted with
1x23W TC-TSE or 200W incandescent lamps.
The antiglare disc is red on the inside to ensure a warm tone of light, even
when PH 50 is fitted with energy-saving light sources.

For additional information, please contact Louis Poulsen Lighting, Ida
Præstegaard, telephone +45 33 33 14 14 or ipr@lpmail.com.

Louis Poulsen

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