For Lena Linderholm it is about Enjoying Life
Now Provence has got its own olive pattern, as well!

- To Lena Linderholm it is about enjoying life and to spread that joy to as many of us as possible. Colours, forms, shades and fragrances – preferably with a link to her and her husband, Gösta´s beloved Provence – form an exciting unity. And now “Olivia” is here, the olive pattern that has been there for a long time just waiting to be delivered, says Bibbi Nilsson in charge of marketing at Ljungberg´s Textile Prints in Floda. At the “Stockholm Furniture Fair” Ljungberg´s are launching “Olivia”, created from Lena Linderholm´s original painting.


- “Not a day without a stroke with my brush,”Lena writes in her homepage. Those are important words, quoted from Pliny the Elder about Apelles, the painter who created his art and lived a couple of hundred years B.C. This is also Lena´s aim: to live and work in the midst of colour and light with her pencil and brush. To her, art is present everywhere, from the very small to the very big. Her purpose in life is to spread joy with her art.

- Ljungberg´s have cooperated with Lena Linderholm for many years and the contact has resulted in a number of beloved textiles. In many of the patterns the lavender scent, the strong colours and the tempting odours from the kitchen in Provence, France, are components almost tangibly present. She and her husband, Gösta Linderholm, the singer and actor, spend a lot of
time on their own farm down there. Right now they are in focus again with a new book, once more with a touch of Provence. It is “Lena´s and Gösta´s Soup-book”, full of lovely, tasty recipes and with many illustrations.

- The olive pattern has been on Lena´s mind as an idea for a long time. A pattern of that kind was missing in her collection. Now, at last, it has become reality and it matches the rest of the patterns marvellously well.

-“Olivia” is printed on three qualities: ordinary “summery” easy-care cotton, a thin transparent cotton voile and a strong stain-protected half-linen quality, suitable as lighter furniture fabric, Bibbi Nilsson concludes.

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