from Karl Andersson & Söner

Design: Tobias Berneth

Thinner is a table characterised by the elegance of its slender dimensions – just 6 mm of white compact laminate. The construction is reminiscent of an aeroplane wing and provides excellent stability.

Supplied assembled.
Size H730 L1800 B800. More sizes will be presented in February 2008.

Tobias Berneth
Designs: Thinner
Tobias Berneth, born 1977 in Würzburg served an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker and studied industrial design at the State Academy of applied arts in Stuttgart. He collected work experience as an industrial designer in different design offices in Germany, Finland, Italy and Sweden. In 2005 he founded Tobias Berneth Industrial Design. His works were honoured with several design prices and exhibitions.
“I like experimenting with designs that stretch possibilities to the limit.”
The table Thinner creates the Illusion of a thin, weightless surface. It is the result of numerous prototypes, calculations and material tests to manage 6mm material thickness. To gain the required stability the table was constructed like the wing of an aeroplane.

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