ÉNIGME un hommage á Jacques Derrida
by Johan Linton

From concept to physical object

From the meeting between Sven Lundh and the architect and engineer, Johan Linton, regarding the resting chair Caravaggio – inspired by the Italian painter Caravaggio ’s work La Depozione – the Burial – the book Linton Lundh Caravaggio 2004 was produced.The book deals with a specific chair “Caravaggio ” as
well as numerous references to common aspects of human creations. This work was formulated around these aspects.

In our most resent co-operation “ENIGME un hommage a Jacques Derrida ” Johan Linton ’s thought process has materialized as a chair. It has been obvious to us to participate in this concept which is a splendid example of an object that possesses these immaterial values which provide everlasting worth.

The French philosopher Jacques Derrida (1930 – 2004)) has in a very special way been associated with the architecture. During the 1980 ’s and 1990 ’s many prominent architects became interested in his thinking and perhaps mainly in his concept “deconstruction ”. An important exhibition in 1988 at the Museum of
Modern Art – Deconstructivist Architecture – presented architecture associated with this concept. The participating architects were: Coop Himmelblau, Peter Eisenman, Peter O Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaas, Daniel Libeskind, and Bernard Tschumi.

Derrida was also interested in architecture.He wrote about architecture and participated in discussions and symposiums with architects. He also participated in the famous architectural project Parc de la Villette in Paris (1983 – 1990), which was designed after a proposal by Bernard Tschumi. Derrida worked together with Peter Eisenman around part of the park and drew a specific proposal of a kind of sculpture in the form of a musical instrument.

Johan Linton became interested in Derridas work while studying.He wrote about Derrida, translated one of his texts on architecture to Swedish, and met him in Paris. When Jacques Derrida died in 2004, Johan Linton wanted to honor him and his work in architecture,with the design of a chair. Some of Derrida ’s texts on architecture are in the form of aphorism. The chair makes reference to different aspects of Derrida ’s work,through variation of structure and finishes of the chairs. It refers to words,but still it is a piece of furniture.It refers to acumen of thoughts, however it is intended to be a chair.

Technical information:
Product: object ENIGME
Material: Laser cut stainless steel
Dimension: h 80 cm,w 56 cm,d 70 cm
Limited edition: 7 pcs
Product: chair ENIGME
Material: Laser cut stainless steel, leather straps
Dimension: h 80 cm, w 56 cm, d 70 cm
Limited edition: 90 pcs

Easy chair HC ANDERSEN
by Alexander H.Damsbo & Henrik Ingemann Nielsen

Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen opened an exhibition on 7 June 2005 about HC Andersens conquering of the written word.
The exhibition was created for three monumental exhibition halls, the entry hall at Thorvaldesens Museum in Copenhagen, the Segur Hall in UNESCOs headquarter in Paris and the main reading room at Bibliotheca Alexandria. The exhibition architects were Alexander H.Damsbro and Henrik Ingemann Nielsen. The architecture supports the idea of creating a poetic space, created around the jewel in the crown: the irreplaceable pages of his notebooks and diaries.

Kallemo received the honourable task to be responsible for the production and creation of the complete exhibition. Ten white easy chairs were created for the exhibition, one easy chair to be collapsible to remind of HC Andersen ’s constant travel. Associations were also made to his story “The flying suitcase ”.
Kallemo has rights to produce a limited edition of this easy chair that is named after Denmark ´s most famous person, HC Andersen.

Technical Information
Product: Easy Chair HC Andersen
Material: Bronzed steel, leather or fabric, coated wooden frame
Dimension: h 110 cm, w 66 cm, d 86 cm
Limited edition: 49 pcs

Easy chair ATLANTIC by Mats Theselius

Mats Theselius does it again: An easy chair in prime leather and steel with ash, oak or walnut. His design work is based on his own experience,sometimes with a story behind. When creating a piece of furniture, he creates something he would like to have himself. It usually becomes something others also want. Mats reveals things to us -he does not follow trends -he is independent and his work is unlike any one else ’s. This is why Mats designs are timeless. He has named his new easy chair “Atlantic ”. Perhaps it is a symbol of something uniting many countries and people.

Technical information:
Product: easy chair Atlantic
Material: Laser cut steel frame, seat in stealth technic, last-formed prime leather, armrests in ash, oak or walnut.
Dimension: h 72 cm,w 59 cm,d 80 cm
Limited edition: 360 pcs

Shelf Kvikkjokk by Samir Saba

A craftsman ’s masterpiece in furniture design and carpentry by Samir Saba
University of Gothenburg, HDK, Stenebyskolan
Tutor: Professor Pieter Hybinette
Examiner: University lecturer: Rino Biozajic

The task was to provide a set of shelves or a bookcase in multi-layered veneer to be assembled without the use of nails, screws or glue.
The set of shelves need to be functional,and flexible,and to have an aesthetic value, to be able to be stored and shipped in a package (flat pack) 211 x 93 x 6cm. Form function and design shouldl jointly provide an aesthetic impression.

In the Kvikkjokk design, Samir Saba has fulfilled all the above criteria. We are pleased to be able to present this new set of shelves as part of the Kallemo collection.

Technical information:
Product: Shelf Kvikkjokk
Material: Finnish multi-layered veneer, in birch, oak, white or black laminate
Dimension: h 210/114 cm, w 94 cm, d 30 cm
Other: Extendable

Bench NON by Komplot - Boris Berlin /Poul Christiansen

The chair NON by Boris Berlin and Poul Christiansen is present in many demanding and prestigious connections. Museums which have used the Chair NON in its interior design, have requested a bench that complements the rubber chair. It is a logical development and the NON Bench is now being presented at the furniture fair in Alvsjo.

Technical information:
Product: bench NON
Material: cast PUR-rubber, black
Dimension: h 45 cm, w 43 cm, l 120 cm