Henning Larsen

Henning Larsen Born in 1925. Studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, the Architectural Association, London, and the MIT School of Architecture in Boston. Worked at Grassold & Johnsson Architects in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1952; at the office of professor and architect Arne Jakobsen from 1952 to 1953; and at the office of architect Jørn Utzon in 1958. From 1956 to 1959, had a private practice in collaboration with Brüel, Bornebusch & Selchau. In 1959 began his own practice, Henning Larsens Tegnestue A/S. Has taught at a number of schools of architecture including the Royal Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture, Copenhagen (from 1958 to 1996), Yale University (1964), Princeton University (1965), Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark (1966), and the School of Architecture at Trondheim, Norway (1967).
Portrait by Rigmor Mydtskov.