Funktio – Stylish and efficient frying-pans!

Excellent frying performance.
Streamlined design.
Comfortable in use.

All this in Hackman’s new Funktio range!

Hackman’s new Funktio frying-pans answer the prayers of all modern-day cooks: they are lightweight, with fast and even heat conduction. The pans, which have an innovative ceramic coating, are suitable for use on any type of hob, even induction. Funktio’s thoroughly researched design, the handiwork of the well-known designer Björn Dahlström, will endear the range to any user.

Cooking with style
The new, elegant Funktio frying-pan can’t be ignored. Funktio’s Swedish designer, Björn Dahlström, has been collaborating with Iittala Group for more than 10 years. His internationally awarded cookware and frying-pan range, Tools, celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, and its popularity is still growing. This is what Björn Dahlström says about Funktio:

“The pan’s body and handle fuse to form a visually integral and streamlined shape. My goal in the design of Funktio was to create a functional object for everyday use that gives a visual appearance of lasting quality.”

Quality in materials and design
The body of the frying-pans is of cast aluminium; it is lightweight and has a coating on both the inner and the outer surface. It conducts heat evenly and energy-efficiently. Thanks to the Ceratec coating, Funktio frying-pans are non-stick and extremely hardwearing: they withstand flambéing and the use of metal implements as well as being dishwasher safe. The base of the pan is also covered with the black Ceratec coating. As a result the base is energy-efficient and collects heat more quickly than a shiny steel base. Because the same coating has been used throughout the pan, it is easy to clean.

Björn Dahlström is excited about the project and considers the end product a success. “I designed the Funktio range with the aim of merging good ergonomics and an easy-to-use shape. The end result is a functional item.” “And as the name implies, the overall aim of the Funktio project has been to produce positive results in the kitchen, with style.”