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A beautiful, futuristic and multi-functional chair has landed in The Republic of Fritz Hansen.

The name is Ice: a unique chair with an entirely new personality. Ice incorporates all the virtues of classic chairs of the past using modern materials of today.

Ice is equally suitable indoors and out - being able to withstand all kinds of weather, the frame is aluminium while the back and seat are made from flexible moulded plastic material.

The end result is a lightweight, comfortable chair. The satin finish adds to the futuristic look of the chair. The future being the place where designer Kasper Salto comes from.


The soft, dusty Ice colour range is inspired by nature:
          -         Space – light grey
          -         Ocean – dusty blue
          -         Desert - beige
          -         Valley – dusty green
          -         Volcano – dark grey
Even though all colours will fade in time, the Ice colours are so soft and the plastic material is of such a high quality that the colour resistance is extraordinarily high.
For added comfort and change in use, Ice is available with an upholstered seat, e.g. with the brand new Kvadrat fabric Blitz designed by Kasper Salto’s wife, Rikke Ladegaard. It is a very robust fabric with a special dirt-repelling coating. The Blitz fabric is a Trevira quality and the colour range includes 5 colours that elegantly match the colours on the backrest.

In the Republic of Fritz Hansen we have four overall principles that are reflected in everything we do: Functionality, Timelessness, Innovation and Simplicity.
Ice is a beautiful interpretation of Fritz Hansen’s design philosophy, the new chair is an innovative family addition – it’s functional and simple.
Functionality and quality stand at the core of the design.
Ice is innovative in materials, design and use. Only 2 materials are used in Ice: Aluminium and a high-quality plastic material....
... Ice is a simple, “no-frills” chair! - All details are elegantly solved. Everything is ”hidden” in the frame.
Ice is perfect for indoor use and as an extra bonus - for outdoor use as well.
The quality is robust – Ice is resistant to even rough weather - a strong, yet elegant and beautiful chair.
Seat and back on Ice is a high-quality synthetic material (ASA plastic) available in five different colours. The base is satin finished aluminium. Ice comes with or without arms.
The plastic material is a very high quality and suitable for outdoor use, it is not affected by the UV rays of the sun and resists even rough weather.  A special feature is the built-in ”water channels” that prevent the rainwater from staying inside the frame.
The Ice range includes different accessories, such as linking device, seat numbers etc.

Ice is designed by Kasper Salto.
Kasper Salto is the most talented young designer in Denmark. Salto is trained as a cabinetmaker and graduated in 1994 as a designer from the Danish Design School. In Kasper Saltos work the Danish tradition of furniture design is pursued in a well-balanced combination with international industrial design.
In spite of his young age, Kasper Salto has already received a great many design awards for his work, lately he received the design award 2002 from the Danish Cabinetmakers’ Association.
Salto’s work is characterized by an uncompromising attitude to design. He is determined, ambitious and hard-working. Kasper Salto sees Ice as a sculpture - but also a tool for sitting!
“I wished to merge the best from the past with the thoughts of the future”, says Salto.
The result is a classic high-tech chair!

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