Danish Furniture Award to
Fritz Hansen designer Kasper Salto

Fritz Hansen works with renowned and trendsetting architects and furniture designers who with their interpretations of Fritz Hansen's design philosophy contribute with furniture to the Republic – furniture designed in with their distinctive character


Fritz Hansen is continually and consciously working on the development of new furniture series with an essential substance of ideas and considerable news value. The latest result is Ice designed by Kasper Salto. Product development is a long and time demanding process, and a good teamwork between designer and Product Development is a must. This has definitely been so with Kasper Salo, and Fritz Hansen considers Kasper Salto a very talented and promising designer.

Therefore, we are very proud that this year's "Furniture Award 2003" is given to Kasper Salto.

The furniture award is given by the foundation of Danish Furniture Industry, and the argumentation for their choice of Kasper Salto goes as follows:

"Kasper Salto is capable of producing functional, light and graceful furniture that is based on a good, considerable and perceptive craftsmanship while maintaining the best in the Scandinavian furniture traditions and values while showing new ways within choice of materials as well as form code.

In spite of his background as cabinetmaker prior to his education as furniture designer, Kasper Salto manages to integrate other materials than wood in his furniture, when alternative raw material seems more appropriate offering more options in relation to form, durability, minimalism and elegance.

Kasper Salto's furniture has long been part of the product ranges of leading Danish furniture manufacturers. His furniture reflects a clear simplicity, a high ability to function and a form code free of the fads of his time suggesting that his products will enter into the string of Scandi-navian furniture classics. This suggestion is further substantiated by Kasper Salto's obvious respect for the materials he uses, for the re-quirements of the end user and not to mention his appreciation of the possibilities and limitations of a modern production unit".


In Ice Kasper Salto skillfully interprets Fritz Hansen's design philosophy which is the foundation of Fritz Hansen with four overall values: Functionality, innovation, timelessness and simplicity. We wish to make furniture that is functional and innovative, the furniture must be able to please for many years and the design must be simple.

We would like to congratulate Kasper Salto on the award.

Fritz Hansen

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