Stockholm Furniture Fair

A new year of designer furniture

Fredericia Furniture is ushering in the new year with several new works of designer furniture, created by some of today’s best-know Danish designers.

These include an extraordinarily comfortable stackable chair – Shape – designed by Susanne Grønlund, the surprisingly simple and versatile Klik klak bench by Jan Egeberg and Morten Thing, an exquisite new veneer version of the Stingray rocking chair – which Thomas Pedersen has designed so you can order it upholstered or partly upholstered in a range of gorgeous colours – and a stylish new coffee table called Icicle, also by Thomas Pedersen. The latter piece features a dynamic design that perfectly matches the Stingray sofa, but also other classic and modern furniture.

The veneer version of the Stingray rocker was created by the young Danish designer Thomas Pedersen, and was conceived as an innovative reworking of Pedersen’s earlier Stingray in plastic. Thomas Pedersen’s rising prominence in the international design world can be partly explained by his remarkable ability to challenge familiar assumptions and his unwavering persistence – of which Stingray is clearly an example. Who would have thought that an "old-fashioned" rocking chair could be given new meaning and become one of today’s modern classics?

The new version of Stingray is available in oak, walnut and the African wood makassar, whose grain beautifully accentuates the chair’s organic contours – which were inspired by the sea. Stingray can also be ordered in an upholstered version, offering hours and hours of enjoyable relaxation.

SHAPE is a stackable chair created by Danish designer Susanne Grønlund. Its construction is based on the inherent properties of wood, and it makes full use of these in a geometric design that provides strength, lightness, flexibility and extraordinary comfort – all at the same time. The chair is unusual in that it both continues and refreshes the Scandinavian design tradition, while also adding a touch of humour. SHAPE is available in oak, walnut and makassar, and in lime, white and black glossy laminate. The frame is available in polished and matt chrome.

ICICLE is a stylish new coffee table designed by Thomas Pederson, who also designed the STINGRAY rocking chair. ICICLE is distinguished by its organic design and dynamic look – making it a perfect match for not only the STINGRAY sofa, but also other classic and modern furniture. ICICLE is available in black and white laminate, with walnut, oak and black-lacquered oak.

Klik klak is a new, surprisingly flexible bench created by the Danish design team Morten Thing and Jan Egeberg. The bench was originally created for the Polka Dot Gallery to provide a place where visitors could study the works of art without disturbing the eye or occupying space in the room. As the name suggests, the bench is easy to unfold and then fold up again – “click, clack”. The design is simple, and the bench is intended to adapt to its surroundings without being intrusive – but still to suddenly create place where people can sit down. A mobile base that can carry 8 folded benches is also available.

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