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24. Presentation box GD
Designer: Gábor Palotai Client: Kungliga Myntkabinettet
Jury´s comment: Small boxes are always exciting. In this case, the box with its cards of varying designs makes one think of collection as such. A congenial design with a ´coin´ feeling.

25. Exhibition catalogues "Irving Penn" and "Lisa Fonssagrives Penn"
GD. Designer: Lars Hall, Hall & Cederquist/Y&R
Client: Moderna Museet/Raster förlag
Jury´s comment: A meeting between Hall and the Penns resulted in this severe, suppressed design which lets the pictures do the talking.

26. Catalogue "Reminiscence Makes No Sense" GD:F
Designer: Fredrik Swärd Form Client: Anders Boqvist
Jury´s comment: A very contemporary graphic product which illustrates the old paradox "ugly but nice".

27. Catalogue and poster GD
Designer: Petter Antonisen
Client: Skissernas Museum, Arkiv för dekorativ konst
Jury´s comment: A poster in the spirit of Kleen. Photographer Gunnar Smoliansky´s suggestive picture invites contemplation without the risk of being disturbed by the discrete typographical treatment of the text.

28. Catalogue and poster GD: D
Designer: Henrik Nygren. Client: Caroline Schlyter
Jury´s comment: The presence of color emphasizes the organic aspect of the objects. This is also a well-balanced example of the Nygren brand, in strict harmony with the contents of the catalogue.

29. Advent Calendar GD: D
Designer: Anders Eklind. Client: Wetterling Teo Gallery
Jury´s comments: Humor is always fun: A well-designed clumsy calendar which gives new content to the opening of the little windows. And it´s fine and shiny as well.

30. Poster GD
Designer: Anders Kornestedt/Bitte Nygren
Client: Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk
Jury´s comment: A beautiful poster for the department. Discrete yet garish, one might say. The text in gray on yellow demands to be read despite its subtle presentation.

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