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20. Design program "P2/SR" GD:D
Designer: Fredrik Neppelberg Client: Sveriges Radio P2
Jury´s comment: Two posters whose visual design and graphic strength together convey a distict idea.

21. Design program GD:F
Designer: Hans Ahlgren, Stenström & Co Client: Sweetwater
Jury´s comment: Charm and expression on a small scale. The play of the little figures makes the jury think of the cinema and theater.

22. Collector´s box "Monica Zetterlund" GD:D
Designer: Kent Nyberg Client: BMG Sweden AB
Jury´s comment: A well-made catalogue and CD cover with a faint suggestion of entertainer Uno Myggan Ericsson. A glance back in time, in a form that feels (refreshingly) conventional.

23. Design program/poster GD: O
Designer: Hans Christer Ericsson
Client: Bok & Biblioteksmässan i Göteborg
Jury´s comment: The jury fell for the combination of form and play with words. Especially the letter-paper and envelopes made an instant impression.

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