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13. Tongs ID: H
Designer: Lena Landin Lorentzen
Manufactured by: Aritma Innovation HB
Jury´s comment: A seemingly simple product in which respect for our need of dignity even in difficult life situations, and insight into people´s need of pleasant design, have resulted in a good everyday product. Of use to everyone and absolutely indispensable for many.

14. Gluer-binder ID: D, O
Designer: Vagn Ekeroth, Jan Landqvist
Manufactured by: Samhall Office AB
Jury´s comment: A familiar product which, through a radical design process, has been made simpler, cheaper and more rational to manufacture and recycle. A good example of life-expanding re-design.

15. Computer accessory "Flexiboard"
Ulf Hanses
Manufactured by: Handitek
Jury´s comment: A control board for personal computers in which the design creates a welcoming, friendly impression. Superb in its simplicity, the combination of high technology and wood feels new and well chosen. A beneficial `low-tech´ profile in this product field.

16. Soldering iron "Lectra Combi" ID: O
Designer: Stephan Söderholm
Manufactured by: Lectra Produktion AB
Jury´s comment: An electric soldering iron with a competitive shape, which icludes excellent solutions for handling, function and production. A very clear example of what good design can do for a basically good technical product.

17. Alarm products "TeleLarm Care" ID: D, H
Designer: Monica E:son Lindh
Manufactured by: TeleLarm Care AB
Jury´s comment: A series of alarm boxes, watches, telephones, etc, for keeping in touch with the elderly and handicapped. Here, good Swedish product tradition in the care sector has been carried further. With their clean, clear, timeless shapes and easy to understand functions, these products indicate reliability and quality.

18. Telphone "Telia Prema" ID: H
Designer: Björn Alge, Johan Dahlberg, Peter Nordgren, Stina Sjöström och Jon-Karl Sundh/Industriell Design AB
Manufactured by: Telia AB
Jury´s comment: A breath of fresh air in the wave of new telephones. The design is a simple and elegant solution to the problem of placing the same unit on a table or the wall while maintaining handling convenience.

19. Typeface "Nordling BQ" GD:D
Designer: Örjan Nordling
Client: H Berthold Systeme GmbH
Jury´s comment: Örjan Nordling has created a practical typeface which will probably have a long life. A much-needed signal to all those who throw typefaces together on the spur of the moment. Quality takes time - in this case, five years.

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