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48. Carafe KF: H
Designer: Ingegerd Råman
Manufactured by: Skrufs Glasbuk AB
Jury´s comments: A carafe for oil, which radiates simplicity and cool elegance. The distinct character of the spherical, sand-blasted matt stopper emphasizes the delicate, scarely tangible material of the carafe, for which the contents must provide the form.

50. Glass service "Coffee-time" KF: F, H
Designer: Margareta Hennix
Manufactured by: Reijmyre Glasbruk AB
Jury´s comment: A sugar bowl and cream pitcher in which the thin delicacy of the material, combined with the powerful sand-blasted matt stripes, gives balance and harmony to the two parts.

51. Drinking glasses, bowls "Nemo" KF: F, H
Designer: Peter Gibson Lundberg
Manufactured by: Reijmyre Glasbruk AB
Jury´s comment: The play of round and square-edged forms gives this group of bowls and glasses an optically exciting sense of movement. The generous size and the shape of the drinking glassesalso make them pleasant to hold.

52. Ceramic vase "Cirrus". KF: D, H
Designer: Pia Törnell
Manufactured by: Hackman Rörstrand AB
Jury´s comment: A proud and dignified vase. A volume that gives association with the plant world, where the ´vanes` provide both body and space.

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