15 August – 20 October 2002

myprivatehomecollection is the title of an exhibition designed by Karen Kjærgaard of the RAUNKJÆR KJÆRGAARD DESIGN OFFICE, the title of which describes a collection of domestic furniture and objects, designed from the housewife´s point of view. Allthough words like housewife and assistent wife are anachronistic, they nevertheless cover a part of a woman´s everyday reality - for better or for worse.

Home sweet Home, or My Home is my Castle are phrases that express respect and love for the HOME. Being a woman and a mother, one inevitably surrounds oneself with objects that women and mothers over time have created, used or been a part of. Our homes are filled with icons that characterize our life in the nest, the place for reproduction. Many of them are banal, simple, obvious, purchased without thought (the broom, the sponge, the colander, the toilet, the dustpan, the washing machine, the cooker).

myprivatehomecollection is a comment on the icons of the home, and is an interpretation of well known symbols and archetypes, seen in a humorous and historical perspective. Each piece of furniture or object tells itū s own story, at the same time entering a visuel design context. The exhibition shows the interior of a "typical" Danish home, from the kitchen to the livingroom, the bedroom and the bathroom, all seen with memory and humour. Each design uses materials that lend the objects new aesthetic qualities.

myprivatehomecollection is a story of the home in a time where it appears as a "service platform" for busy families of all kinds. Being self employed AND housewife, architect AND parent I want to show a home with creativity and humour, with history and significance,
- in a clean, white world.

Karen Kjærgaard, August 2002

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