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The Design

Bruno Mathsson was a striking artist, wilful, stubborn and clever (in a typical way for his native county) and with a certain feeling for the simple, fastidious beauty and elegance in form. In all his work he managed to combine the beauty of form with well-thought-out function in a way that is but rarely surpassed. This is to be found not only in his beautiful, functional furniture but also in his glass houses which are market with exactly that - the simple, the beautiful and the functional. The light and the lightness combined with an ingeniosly well-thought-out heating system and well-insulated triple glazing make the peculiar nature of his glass house. Bruno Mathsson was in this way a pioneer.

It is, however, the furniture that has given Bruno Mathsson the reputation as one of the greatest designers in the world ever. In the technique of bending laminated wood he found a seating line that is unsurpassed in fastidious elegance and ergonomic function. The furniture he created have nearly all become classic. He gave each model a female name, Eva, Mina, Miranda and Pernilla etc. It gave each a sort of identity of its own. When, in the 1960s, Bruno turned to tubular steel is his furniture design, he did it with the same mastership he had shown in wood.

What makes Bruno Mathsson´s furniture unique is that - although to a great extent designed in the 1930s and -40s and classic - they still feel eternely young. They are loved and bought as modern, functional furniture by young people. Not only as collectors items by connoisseurs. They sell as never before all over the world and are simultaneously exhibited at museums. As his own designs, Bruno Mathsson seemed eternally young. His body grew weaker but his mind and creativity remained young and bold. He lived with and for his art and never seemed to get weary in his eagerness to create new furniture for a new age. At the age of 80 he followed the development in working with computers and created a line of computer furniture wich has the necessary qualities to become classic too.

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