A full spectrum of colours in new designer flooring


The use of colour in the environments in which we live has a greater affect on us than most imagine. The fact that colour affects our lives is something that Bolon takes seriously. The colourful flooring called Spektra is produced in the spirit of energy, joy and movement. Each of the six designs in the new collection has different colours and patterns, all with a light, metallic lustre. More elaborate effects can be achieved by those who dare to combine multiple products in the same installation so that monochromatic flooring is coordinated with striped. According to the manufacturer, this flooring provides a good basis for the establishment of exciting spaces where creativity can flow, with its stripes, metallic sheen and flexible combination possibilities.

Spektra is the new woven vinyl flooring from Bolon, the design company. Those who are accustomed to Bolon's cool, natural colours and slightly austere Scandinavian design sensibility may be surprised by the news. This is the company's most colourful collection ever. According to them, it is coloured and created to awaken emotions and to create positive reactions.

"We have been inspired by the multicultural, vibrant energy that exists everywhere and all around us today. This is an international collection with colours from every corner of the globe. It is produced for those who know how to create an exciting interior and also dare to challenge conventional thinking," says head of design & marketing, Marie Eklund.

Thin threads with a metallic glance have been woven into the flooring, which gives an additional effect. The flooring acquires a light lustre, which varies in degree, according to the angle from which it is seen. Spektra is built on six dynamic base colours, three strong and three soft, and there are both striped and monochromatic designs.

"Colour is one of the most primitive signals that our brains interpret and they have a scientifically proven effect on us humans. Red is blood, black and yellow signal danger, green is natural and harmonious. It is easy to create the desired mood with the help of colours. An interior can be strengthened with extra excitement and joy using these challenging and colourful floorings. Years ago we introduced fashion to the flooring industry. Now we are introducing colour as well," says Annica Eklund, Managing director of Bolon.

Bolon Spectra

Functionality and durability
Spektra has the same technical specifications as the earlier collection Eight, which means functionality, fire safety, smooth surface, high level of comfort as well as environmentally friendly manufacturing. The company has invested significant resources in developing products with high durability so that the flooring can serve in highly trafficked environments. The new collection has been classified as 3.3. This is the highest rating for textile flooring for public applications.

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Bolon AB
BolonBolon, the Swedish flooring company, was founded in 1949 by Nils Erik Eklund. Today, the family corporation is run by, Marie and Annica Eklund, making it the third generation. They have developed the operation from being a manufacturer of woven flooring to being a successful international flooring company with its focus on design, innovation and high quality. Bolon flooring is unique. It has a textile "feeling", even though it is manufactured of woven vinyl and has the practical advantages of vinyl flooring, particularly when it comes to cleaning and durability. The manufacturing is done with consideration to the environment and the company recycles both excess materials and the excess heat from the production process. Bolon's environmental and quality control system is certified in accordance with ISO 14001 as well as ISO 9001. The products are sold in more than 30 countries today, and among our customers are well known companies such as Armani, Hilton, Sheraton, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and Mont Blanc, as well as architects such as Jean Nouvel and Renzo Piano. All of Bolon's 64 floorings are produced for public environments, with focus on hotels, stores and offices. They fulfil all applicable requirements such as those concerning fire safety, durability and sound reduction.