Scandinavian Design Awards nominees 2024

We are happy to introduce the nominees for the Scandinavian Design Awards 2024, selected by jury members from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. The award aims to recognize both new and established players within architecture, interiors and design in Scandinavia. The winners will be announced on February 6 during Stockholm Design Week in the Blue Hall at Stockholm City Hall. Tickets are now available at Tickster – everyone is welcome to attend the evening. The winners will also be presented in a curated exhibition at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024.

The nominees 2024:

Architecture of the Year

Public Bath in Jubileumsparken by Esencial and Raumlabor Berlin (Gothenburg, Sweden)
A city planning project. The beginning of a new neighbourhood, Frihamnen, in Gothenburg planned taking in consideration the inhabitants wish for more green areas and access to the water.

Press House by Atelier Oslo and KIMA Arkitektur (Oslo, Norway)
Elegant and poetic refurbishment and transformation of two old, listed buildings into one new center for media and press activities. The design was done in close dialogue with the preservation authorities. Most of the old brick structure has been kept, restored, and given precise cuts to create rooms for new uses.

Gjuteriet by Kjellander Sjöberg (Malmö, Sweden)
An old, large industrial building now remade for our contemporary times with a focus on re-use and repurposed materials. The building was a ruin, with a collapsed roof, when the project started and the ambition has been to preserve as much as possible and to tell the history of the building as well as of the area, while at the same time make it suitable for offices and public meeting spaces.

Furniture of the Year

Bench Ypsilon, by Daniel Rybakken for Vestre (Norway)
Massive wooden beams resting on laser-cut sheets of galvanized steel. The angled beams not only provide a comfortable seat, but at the same time ensure that water quickly drains off the bench, instead of accumulating on it. Clever, simple, discreet, stripped down and brutalist handsome.

Stool/side table Taburet, by Cecilie Manz for Fritz Hansen (Denmark)
Made with uncompromising craftsmanship, Cecilie Manz shows an outstanding dedication to detail with her Taburet stool. It is well made, seamlessly elegant and exquisite. A piece of versatile jewelry fit for any room, anywhere.

Hackability of the stool, by Daisuke Motogi / DDAA Lab showcasing Artek Stool 60 for Vitra (Finland)

Architect Daisuke Motogi’s exhibition Hackability of the Stool features one hundred ideas for altering the masterpiece of modernist design, Stool 60, designed by Alvar Aalto in 1933. It’s joyful, inclusive, and prodigiously creative and makes you question – do we really need more furniture? A highly relevant exhibition shining a new light on sustainability and recycling.

Interior Design Product of the Year

Wine rack Silo, by Chris Martin for Massproductions (Sweden)

Wine and design, the perfect combination, are we right? When the world is as shaky as it is, we are truly in need of beautiful things, that also are practical. A lovely wine rack is the perfect example of that – and a fun interior detail we haven’t seen a lot of since the 90’s. Based on a continuous loop, Silo wine rack is an unbroken line of wood, where the bottles rest firmly in milled-out compartments. It brings joy both to the eye and to the wine – a true hero in dark times.

Archive Table lamp, by Studio Sløyd for Northern (Norway)
Minimal in appearance but with maximum presence, the Archive Lamp by Norwegian designer Studio Sløyd started off as a series of paper models created during Designer’s Saturday in Oslo. Thank God it evolved into the real deal. With its arched shade and softly reflect-able warm light, the Archive Lamps flirts with the traditional libraries and is a lovely interior detail at the same time. It is nostalgic, yet modern – design at its best.

Wall lamp _Untitled 03/Sinus, by Andreas Martin-Löf and produced by Konsthantverk Tyringe (Sweden)
A marriage of craft and industry, hand and machine, imagination and experience. The collaboration between Andreas Martin-Löf and Konsthantverk takes the jury’s breath away. The handmade lamp Sinus could best be described as a piece of art, and it is designed to light life more than space. To that we applaud.

Designer of the Year

Daniel Rybakken (Norway)
After studying design at Oslo School of Architecture and getting a Master in Fine Arts from the School of Arts & Crafts in Gothenburg, Daniel Rybakken set up his own design practice in Oslo and Gothenburg in 2008. Since then, he has designed modern lighting classics, often striving to recreate the hard-to-define effect of natural daylight. Venturing from lighting design into the field of furniture design, Daniel Rybakken has proven his width as a designer. He elegantly combines comfort, function and aesthetics, making for pieces that will last and be cherished over time. Whether it be a bench for public outdoor spaces or an installation shining light on the situation for refugees all over the world, simplicity and poetry come together in Rybakkens work.

Cecilie Manz (Denmark)
Cecilie Manz is a Copenhagen based designer, often referred to as one of Denmark’s most prominent active designers. Before setting up her design practice in 1998, she studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts as well as the University of Art & Design in Helsinki. During her career, she has made simplicity and functionality her signature, working for clients such as Fritz Hansen, Fredericia Furniture, Iittala and Bang & Olufsen. From wood to ceramics and textile, Cecilie Manz master great material knowledge and sensitivity – and she is doing so with high integrity. Her work during 2023, including the seamless design of her wooden stool Taburet for Fritz Hansen as well as her armchair Ancelle d’Hermès for Hermès, truly stands out and shows her ability to turn classic, simple shapes into modern magic.

Joanna Laajisto (Finland)
Based in Helsinki, Joanna Laajisto has been running her design studio Studio Joanna Laajisto since
2010. Prior to founding her own studio, she studied at the Interior Design Institute in Los Angeles. During the course of her career, quality, beauty and intelligence have been at the core of her work, making for sustainable and long-lasting interiors and objects. Primarily an interior architect, Joanna Laajisto has also proven her excellence in furniture and lighting design. Her sense of proportions and her ability to highlight the material have led to a number of masterly designed pieces – her coffee table Centenniale for Nikari, launched in 2023, is just one example of this. The effort she puts into creating long lasting, timeless pieces of furniture, and utilizing beauty to do so, makes her a designer of today and the future.

Interior Designer of the Year

Halleroed (Sweden)
Halleroed, a Swedish design agency founded in 1998, is synonymous with boldness and innovation in interior design and architecture. Led by Christian and Ruxandra Halleröd, this Stockholm-based firm is known for its fearlessness and forward-thinking approach, creating spaces that transcend the conventional. Their recent projects include a new space for Saman Amel at Harrods in London, an ACNE store in Paris, Maimai, and a new Lintex store, showcasing their prowess in the competitive world of retail design.

In a world where many design agencies follow trends, Halleroed stands out as trendsetters and trailblazers, challenging conventions and pushing boundaries to create something extraordinary. Their unique design approach has made them pioneers in the industry and a source of inspiration for many.

In conclusion, Halleroed is a design agency unafraid to break rules and challenge the status quo. Their interior design and architectural projects are more than just functional spaces; they are destinations in themselves. With creativity and a dedication to enhancing their clients’ brand identities, they have left an indelible mark on the industry, continuing to inspire and captivate.

Specific Generic (Sweden)
Specific Generic, a Swedish design agency founded in 2010, is a design office that has recently gained attention with both a new Tom Wood store in Oslo and the restaurant Sol in Stockholm. They excel in understanding and meeting their clients’ needs, whether it’s a futuristic focus or a more classic approach.

Specific Generic specializes in creative direction for individuals, institutions, and brands. Their team comprises specialists with extensive experience and a deep understanding of various disciplines at the intersection of culture and commerce. They focus on shaping brands to distinguish businesses and influence people’s perceptions, thoughts, and actions.

Their philosophy revolves around the idea that successful art, whether it’s music, painting, dance, or poetry, strikes a balance between being Specific and Generic. Specificity implies a clear, unique, and recognizable identity, while generic aspects make it accessible and understandable to a broader audience. This principle influences their work, from visual identity to design, interior concepts, and even architecture. Specific Generic aims for their work to be both distinct and relatable.

Space Copenhagen (Denmark)
The design philosophy of Space Copenhagen, a Danish design agency founded in 2005, is rooted in “Poetic Modernism,” a concept that artfully balances opposites, creating designs that inspire curiosity. New hotel and restaurant The Largo in Porto and Tokyo, set to open this Fall, showcase the embodiment of this philosophy. Restaurant Apothéose and restaurant Blueness in Antwerp provide a glimpse into some of their recent work, illustrating the agency’s commitment to innovative design concepts.

At the core of Space Copenhagen’s approach is the idea of harmonizing classic and modern, industrial and organic elements. Their designs are meticulously tailored to specific needs and contexts, always emphasizing uncompromising quality and enduring craftsmanship.

Space Copenhagen’s eclectic team of gifted designers and architects shares a passion for collaboration and an unwavering dedication to the minutiae of their craft. They go beyond conventional interior design, functioning as curators of brands, consistently presenting clients with fresh, exhilarating perspectives. This dynamic fusion of creativity and timelessly enchanting Scandinavian design continues to inspire clients worldwide.

Rising Star of the Year

Didi NG Wing Yin (Finland)
Didi NG Wing Yin specialised in woodworking in both sculptural and functional furniture and objects. Didi’s artistic creations focus on craftsmanship and material culture. He aspires to broaden the concept of woodworking and contemporary design by emphasising the essence of wood in its materiality through conceptual thinking, experimental surface treatment, and carving techniques. His passion for woodworking throughout the years has aimed at exploring the honest expression of wood, which can be stated in one word – Naturalness.

Lab La Bla (Sweden)

The creative minds behind Lab La Bla are dedicated explorers of the exceptional within the ordinary. The duo make between opposites – mining and agriculture, soft and hard, the wanted and the unwanted, remote and urban. Their research led practice uses materials as a lens to examine the fuzzy boundaries between man, industry and nature. In their practice, they try to find absurd ways to ’hack’ traditional materials and processes. Their work usually are as a reaction to dysfunctional and non-sustainable processes inherent in the design industry.

Ali Shah Gallefoss (Norway)
Ali Gallefoss works with a diverse variety of materials and techniques to create objects which explore the coincidences and possibilities that lie within the process of making. Merging functionality with visual expression, his work blurs the border between art and design, and offers an unorthodox perspective on our contemporary world. Ali has a unique aesthetic direction, his cohesive design orientation and the solid handmade finish he masters so well.

Sustainability Achievement of the Year

DNB Næringseiendoms, for the rehabilitation project Markeveien 1B (Bergen, Norway)
DNB Næringseiendom’s remarkable commitment to sustainability is evident in their comprehensive renovation and integration of multiple office buildings in Bergen, Norway. These historic structures, dating back to the first half of the 20th century, had fallen into disrepair and were no longer aligned with contemporary requirements. Rather than opting for demolition, DNB Næringseiendom chose to unveil the buildings’ historical charm, meticulously restoring them while elevating them to modern standards. Reclaimed, recycled, and reconditioned materials played a pivotal role in this transformation, minimizing environmental and climate impact.
The interior design emphasized the revival of architectural elements hidden over time. Remarkably, 95% of the interior was repurposed and reconditioned, maximizing resource efficiency. Leveraging cutting-edge 3D scanning technology, an additional 850 m2 of rental space was identified and utilized effectively. Their achievement culminated in a BREEAM-NO Very Good certification, a testament to their dedication to sustainability through restoration and reuse, rather than opting for new construction. DNB Næringseiendom is a deserving nominee that exemplifies sustainable awareness and commitment to preserving our architectural heritage.

City of Pudasjärvi, for its timber buildings and eminent sustainability efforts (Pudasjärvi, Finland)
The city of Pudasjärvi is nominated as a worthy contender for the Sustainability Award of the year due to their remarkable commitment to sustainable and low carbon construction. When faced with indoor air quality issues affecting children’s health and building integrity, Pudasjärvi boldly embraced traditional log construction methods. Notably, they completed a school for over 800 pupils in 2016 using this approach. This success spurred Pudasjärvi to adopt log construction for all new public buildings, challenging contemporary technological norms. Their pioneering spirit has influenced adoption of log construction even in private building practices in other parts of Finland, reducing the climate impact of new buildings. The resource conscious exterior wall solution of massive logs eliminates the need for additional insulation as well as external and internal cladding.  Pudasjärvi’s dedication to sustainability and innovative building methods deserves recognition and consideration for the Award due to their transformative impact on both their community and the environment.

Home.Earth, for the project Doughnut for Urban Development (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Home.Earth, a real estate company dedicated to “serving the whole,” is committed to developing urban communities, within the planetary boundaries, anchored in inclusivity, sustainability, and livability. They recognize that real estate plays a significant role in exacerbating society’s most pressing challenges, from climate change to urban disparities.
To be a pathfinder on this transformative journey, Home.Earth created the “Doughnut for Urban Development” book, a manual derived from economist Kate Raworth’s original Doughnut model. This marks the first sector-specific application of this influential concept, previously adopted with remarkable success at the global and city levels. The manual also incorporates the Reduction Roadmap analysis, which delineates a pathway for establishing maximum emission targets for the construction sector. Testing and implementing in their own projects, Home.Earth provides a framework for the entire building sector to assess urban development projects in line with planetary boundaries. This book is a remarkable source of knowledge, inspiration, and guidance, generously available as a free digital resource for all.


The jury 2024

Amina Djemili, Editor in chief Rum Hemma
Antrei Hartikainen, Designer
Anya Sebton, Designer and Interior designer
Cecilie Molvær Jørgensen, Senior Advisor at Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA)
Cassandra Bradfield, Interior architect and product designer
Eero Koivisto, Architect, Designer and Founder CKR
Hlín Helga Guðlaugsdóttir, Curator and Designer
Ivana Kildsgaard, Architect and Director of Sustainability and Quality at Tengbom
Jannicke Kråkvik, Stylist and Founder Kråkvik/D’Orazio
Josefin Udén, Editor in chief Nya Rum
Julius Iversen, Creative Director and Founder Tableau
Kari Korkman, Founder of Helsinki Design Week and Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale
Kieran Long, Director of ArkDes
Lisa Marie Mannfolk Eklund, Managing Editor Tidskriften Rum
Marcia Harvey Isaksson, Interior architect
Martha Lewis, Head of Materials at Henning Larsen
Niina Sihto, Co-founder of Senior Designer Fyra Ltd
Per-Olav Sølvberg, Interior stylist
Pekka Pakkanen, Architect and founder Planetary Architecture
Tina Vernon, Editor Nya Rum
Viktoria Millentrup, Design Lead Architect BIG

The jury is chaired by architectural historian and writer Martin Rörby.




Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024 will take place 6-10 February 2024.

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