The Pillo family is extended designed by Khodi Feiz – Swedese

The Pillo armchair is the latest addition to the Pillo product family. The Pillo is a highly comfortable and versatile armchair suitable for all occasions: in a meeting room, used at home for dining, in Hospitality and restaurant settings, in the care sector, or in offices. Design: Khodi Feiz.

The upholstered back has a metal frame covered in molded foam. The foam in Pillo armchair is produced in Bio-foam technology. This saves 80% of CO2 emissions, compared to regular foam. All covers are removable, for cleaning and repair.

Additionally, a subtle gap is designed between the backrest and the seat allowing for easy cleaning, ideal for the care sector and restaurants and cafes. The legs come in various executions such as solid wood, four-leg metal base, central beam, and castor versions. The Pillo armchair combines great comfort with a timeless design.