Nirvan Richter

Nirvan Richter, founder and architect, wanted to design furniture he felt the market was lacking: high-quality furniture of natural materials that would last and could, if necessary, be repaired or reupholstered and passed on from generation to generation. Furniture whose design is timeless and offered an alternative to mass-produced furniture for rapid turnover.

We decided early on to work solely with natural materials, for two very good reasons:

– Purely environmental. Our aim is to create products that are part of the natural cycle, which we do by using renewable raw materials.
– Lasting beauty. For Norrgavel, natural materials is also an aesthetic choice – they stimulate the senses, can be kept in good condition and generally age beautifully. It´s about the sensation you get from running your hand over a soft soap-finished piece of oak, or feeling the different qualities of linen.

In 1998, Norrgavel became the first company to acquire the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for home furniture. The following year we received the Swedish furniture industry´s environment prize, awarded in conjunction with WWF. Several pieces of Norrgavel furniture have since received design awards, with environmental credentials often cited by the jury.