Kaare Klint

Kaare Klint (1888-1954)
Kaare Klint is world-famous for his fine furniture designs such as the Faaborg Chair, the Safari Chair, the “Red” Chair, Sofa with tall members (Model 4118) and his Addition-sofa, Model 4865. Classics which were designed decades ago but which are still appealing to a younger audience.

Klint founded the faculty of “Møbelkunst og Rumudstyr” at Kunstakademiet in 1924 and had – with his epoch-making teaching – great influence on the development in furniture design in Denmark. The teaching method was radical at that time. Klint asked the students to build the furniture from the inside based on thorough analyses of the task, combined with the knowledge that tradition gives. The outer style was less important but the functional analysis, the choice of materials and processing was a high priority. The following anecdote is good image of Klint’s meticulousness:

Kaare Klint and Alvar Alto met each other and Klint asked Alto what he was working on. Alto talked at great length about furniture and building projects which he had in the pipeline. When he had finished talking, he asked Klint what he was working at. Klint told him that he was designing a chair for Rud. Rasmussen. Some years later the two gentlemen met each other again and Alto again talked complementary about his ongoing projects. Then Alto asked Klint what he was working on and Klint answered dryly that he had told him last time they met – he was designing a chair for Rud. Rasmussen!

The cooperation between Kaare Klint and Rud. Rasmussen started in 1926. Klint’s designs meant a tremendous renewal to Danish furniture design. A clear and logical construction was Klint’s own demand; nothing superfluous, only honest, pure lines, exquisite materials, good craftsmanship, everything down to the smallest detail. By virtue of simple functional qualities and an air of timelessness, much of this furniture is more in demand today than possibly ever before, because it is superbly crafted, of good quality and perfectly fitted for modern living.


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Kaare Klint

Kaare Klint (1888-1954) Kaare Klint is world-famous for his fine furniture designs such as the …