Principal furniture work turns 100 – Faaborg Chair by Kaare Klint

It has been called the first modern Danish design classic – and now it reaches 100 years. We are, of course, talking about the Faaborg Chair, designed by furniture architect Kaare Klint in 1914 for the art museum in Faaborg at Funen. At its appearance, the chair aroused attention due to its clean lines and high quality workmanship. This chair heralded modernism in Danish furniture design and as such, it has become a major work in Danish furniture history. For generations, the Faaborg Chair has been produced by Rud. Rasmussen, which today is a part of the furniture group Carl Hansen & Son.

The anniversary day of the Faaborg Chair is marked with the launch of two special versions: First, a special anniversary edition, made of walnut and with a seat upholstery in black Niger leather. The first 100 copies of this version will be consecutively numbered.

Secondly, a unique limited edition is launched, where the top rail is made of cross-grained elm, carved from a 100 year old elm tree, which 25 years ago was felled in the backyard at the Rud. Rasmussen joinery in Copenhagen. This tree has since been stored for a special occasion, which now has occurred. This version,which has legs in solid elm and a frame in veneered elm, will be produced in only 10 copies, which will not be put up for sale immediately. Instead, they will be part of an international traveling exhibition that can be experienced in 2015.

Rud. Rasmussen