A trolley of flexibility with removable trays design by Stine + Tekla – Bebo Objects

Trifle Trolley

The Design is inspired by stacked and layered food
(which also inspired to the name itself, trifle like in the English layered dessert).
The three generous trays that can be removed and used as a tray(s) separately.
Trifle is available in three different versions;
primary green and sottsass alpi veneer trays,
primary red and three shades of red trays,
solid black with brown-black trays

Designer Stine + Tekla



Stine Aas has a master’s degree from the School of Art & Design in Bergen, Norway. Stine started her own design studio in 2015 where she works with furniture and product design. She has exhibited works at several leading international arenas such as Milan, New York and Stockholm. Her work has had a great national and international impact and in 2019 she was awarded the Sheibler Foundation’s Design Prize, Designer of the Year. Stine is inspired by the interaction between people and the objects around them and wants to create lasting product relationships through balanced form and function.

Tekla Evelina Severin has a bachelor’s degree in interior architecture and furniture design and is best known for her outstanding work with colors. With Stockholm as a base, her role and assignments alternate between working as a photographer, art director, interior designer, set designer and colorist. She was recently listed by the German AD as one of the most influential people in the design industry today and by Deezen as one of the top ten architectural photographers in the world.