Thomas E. Alken

Thomas E. Alken MDd
– Designer and head of Format design
Thomas E. Alken MDd was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1970.
He graduated from the Danish Design School (KADK) in 1997, with additional studies from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki (UIAH)

In 1997 he founded the design studio Format design in the heart of Copenhagen, with the aim of providing dedicated furniture- and product design as well as design advisory for Danish and international clients.

Thomas E. Alken quickly became a significant player in the design scene. Since he always insisted on taking part in every step of the design process, he gathered a lot of design and production experience from all over the world.

“The broadness of my profession will always be something I highly appreciate – one day I find myself in a fancy showroom in the north of Italy – the next on a factory floor in the south of Vietnam – and there is always useful knowledge to transfer from one day to the next”

Over the past 20 years, Thomas E. Alken has established a good position in the Scandinavian design scene with many successful designs and tasks behind him. He continues to investigate the interaction between user and object, which has given him a deep understanding of functionality and a material-driven focus concerning beauty, strength, tactility, production, and environmental impact.

Today the studio works with passionate high-end and midrange brands in many parts of the world.


Thomas E. Alken has also worked with different design groups and professional organizations over the years.

To mention a few:

Since 2017 Thomas E. Alken has been associated as an expert judge at The Maritime and Commercial High Court

Since 2018 Member of the board at Danish Design Makers DDM

Since 2017 Head of the Profesional Advisory Committee of Design Denmark MDd

Since 2016 Member of the Danish Design Makers DDM

Since 2007 Associate lector at the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture, Design and Conservation KADK

Since 2007 Member of the Professional Advisory Committee of Danish Designers mDD today MDd

From 2005 to 2012 Head of the board of The Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition “SE”

From 2001 to 2014 Member of the board of The Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition “SE”

Tip Toe & Tundra by Thomas E Alken – Jonas Ihreborn

Tip Toe & Tundra by Thomas E Alken – Jonas Ihreborn

Tip Toe & Tundra – Thomas E Alken Last year we presented our first cooperation …

New Tundra collection by Thomas E. Alken – Ihreborn

New Tundra collection by Thomas E. Alken – Ihreborn

The Tundra sofa, designed by Thomas E. Alken was launched at the Stockholm Furniture Fair …

On Board pp850 – PP Møbler

On Board pp850 design by Thomas Alken – PP Møbler

Simple and elegant functionality in solid wood. On Board offers from 6 to 12 well-proportioned …