The collection cover plate designed by Thomas Sandell is called TS804 Lina – Reijmyre

The collection designed by Thomas Sandell is called TS804 Lina and comes in three different colors amber, dark green and blue. The placemats are made of pressed glass, which is glass objects formed in a mechanical glass press. The glass mass is placed in a cast iron mold, which corresponds to the outer shape of the glass, and is pressed out with a press mandrel (template) of cast iron or graphite, which gives the glass its inner shape. The technique produces a glass product where the inner and outer shape are independent of each other, in contrast to blown glass where the inside follows the outer shape, which allows you to produce detailed decorations that are not possible with mouth-blown glass.



Lina Cover plate is also an extension of the Lina vase collection that Sandell previously designed for Reijmyre and is part of the same series. Sandell has been inspired and played with the idea of the classic paper plate that you often take with you if you are going on a picnic or being in nature when he designed the plate collection.