Double awards for BuildUp Meeting Pods & Pavilions by Kauppi & Kauppi – Glimakra of Sweden

We are extremely happy and proud that BuildUp Meeting Pods & Pavilions receives the Award Winner in the German Design Award 2022 as well as the prestigious award Winner in Archiproduct design awards 2021.

BuildUp Meeting Pods & Pavilions is a new collection of acoustic meeting rooms inspired by the forest. A concept characterized by openness, accessibility and functionality. Developed by Glimakra of Sweden in collaboration with Kauppi & Kauppi design studio.

“Imagine a forest glade, a calm space embraced by trees, where you are happy to stay a while. A muted restful place, which is never completely quiet. We have carried the forest with us as an inspiration during the entire BuildUp process. The vision has been to design welcoming, comfortable meeting rooms, that neither close in nor excludes. Rooms that offer focus but not necessarily total quietness. Interiors that feel natural to share with others.”
– Kauppi & Kauppi


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BuildUp Meeting Pods & Pavilions – a collection of large-scale, open and muted meeting spaces by Kauppi & Kauppi