Young Swedish Design, 2/4–8/5 2016

Young Swedish Design, 2/4–8/5 2016

Young Swedish Design is a juried design award given by the Swedish Society of Crafts every year. This year, 20 were grants out of 400 contributions were received. These 20 entries will now form the exhibition Young Swedish Form 2016, which is as much an exhibition as a temperature gauge on what happens within young Swedish design today.

The exhibition was first shown at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, the land on ArkDes and now reaches Form / Design Center. The goal of the Young Swedish Design 2016 is to increase and broaden the knowledge of young innovative Swedish design. Swedish Design runs the project with the aim of stimulating the development of Swedish design – the key words are creating and explore freely, without the need for adaptation to the market. Young Swedish Design will play an important role as a forum for meetings between designers, producers and the audience arises.

Karin Wiberg project leads Young Swedish Design:

– This year’s edition demonstrates incredible craftsmanship and material sense. In addition, we also see a social commitment – high awareness both in the world and the environment. The jury was very impressed!
This year, the jury consisted of:

Samir Alj Field , the designer and founder of the Design Lab S in Skärholmen.
Marcus Engman , design manager IKEA and engaged in IKEA’s Democratic project design.
Salka Hall Bornold (Jury Chairman), journalist, author of the fashion expertise and deputy editor of Shape.
Asa Jungnelius , glass designer, lecturer at the College, runs the foundry in Boda as an open platform.
Kenneth Kvarnström , one of Scandinavia’s foremost choreographers in contemporary dance, dance director at the Culture / City Theatre.
Petra Lilja , industrial designer, gallery owner and responsible for the master’s program in design at Linnaeus University.
Tor Lindstrand , architect and lecturer at the KTH School of Architecture
Bea Szenfeld , fashion designer with several orders from international brands, as well as lecturers.
Jesper Waldersten , illustrator, artist and satirist.

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