Woodnotes launches two new colours inspired by the quiet beauty of Nordic nature

Willow Brown colour goes harmoniously together with both black and light grey in our Willow Brown-Black and Willow Brown-Light grey colour combinations. They take one’s thoughts into the subtle, quiet beauty of the Nordic nature: the scarce winter light, frosty skies, delicately blue-and-grey shadows, as well as the graphic, strong trees and their branches with no leaves.

This spring in Milan, Woodnotes launches two new colours inspired by the quiet beauty of Nordic nature.

Close your eyes. Imagine the warm brown of the willow bark, and how it looks against the gentle grey of pussy willow. Imagine the perfect shade of brown.

Woodnotes’ Willow Brown is a dark, warm, almost spicy brown. Deep and nuanced. The name of the colour literally refers to its origin: Willow Brown is made by dyeing willow, which has been grown and harvested in Finland.



Willow dyeing has a long tradition in Finland and we are proud to be part of raising the profile of natural dyes to the level they deserve.


We launched Willow Brown back in 2022 when we also named the Willow carpet, designed by Swedish design firm Claesson Koivisto Rune, after it. Now, for the Milan fair, we are bringing Willow Brown to our paper string carpet collection of classic products: New York, Railway and Coast patterns.

Willow Brown is beautiful and harmonious alongside both black and light grey in our Willow Brown-Black and Willow Brown-Light Grey colour-combination carpets. They bring a sense of the outdoors, a refreshing breath of fresh air, and bring you to the unaffected beauty of Nordic nature: the sparse light of winter, the skies of frosty days, the blue-grey shadows and leafless branches.

Willow Brown works in a wide range of spaces, adding depth, anchoring the room and reminding us of the earth beneath our feet.



Close your eyes again. Think of a summer meadow, lake grasses swaying in the wind. Living tree foliage. Imagine the perfect shade of green; the vitality of nature.

We are bringing a new colour to Milan, Grass Green, in which we have captured the perfect shade of grass, leaf green in its most beautiful form. Grass Green complements our popular In/Out carpet collection that works both indoors and outdoors.




Green has a calming effect even in small amounts, and Grass Green radiates a sense of calm and lightness. It brings a summery freshness and light indoors, while outdoors it blurs the line between nature and the built environment.

We have used Grass Green as an accent colour and combined it with Woodnotes’ classic earth tones in two new patterns, Ground and Shadow. In them, the green glints, flickers and fades like the sun through the foliage of the trees.

Our Grass Green In/Out carpets are easy to combine with neutral, broken and pastel shades as well as basic colours. Grass Green also blends beautifully with rusty tones, the grey of weathered wood and natural stones.