With Lunar Chair I aimed to create a light and embracing chair by Jonas Herman – Form & Refine

Lunar Chair: Elegant, Inviting, Ergonomic

Can a chair be a friend?
A life partner that follows you through ups and downs, getting dents and scratches along the way, as we all do?

We think so. We view furniture as partners. We call this functional and aesthetic sustainability: designing objects that are so functional that they maintain their purpose year after year and producing them in natural materials that only grow more beautiful with age. The human tendency to connect emotionally with some things more than others is scientifically documented. Often, this connection develops because the object – in addition to its functional and aesthetic qualities – has become a carrier of life stories.



Lunar Chair is named after its resemblance to the moon, with a seat shaped like a full moon and a crescent-shaped back. It is made of FSC-certified oak, stackable and can be hung on the edge of the table. The wooden seat rests on an X-shaped structure that provides optimal stability and supports the chair’s light expression. Lunar Chair is also available in a padded version upholstered with Nana Ditzel’s immortal Hallingdal 65 fabric from Kvadrat in four variants. The chair has a rounded and inviting form and a light, almost ethereal character.
Designer Jonas Herman, Herman Studio, says,

‘With Lunar Chair I aimed to create a light and embracing chair. My goal was to make a chair that encourages different ways of sitting, rather than locking the user into a single position. The chair’s characteristic rounded backrest with integrated armrests is made from a single piece of solid wood. The form ensures optimal comfort with support for the sitter’s elbow and lower back and allows for a variety of seating positions. The rounded profiles are a consistently recurring feature in all the chair’s components and lend it a coherent, feminine and soft expression.’



Lunar Chair matches Form & Refine’s portfolio of simple and carefully designed furniture that captures the essence of Nordic humanism. The functional aspect comes first but always invites aesthetic and material considerations to join in on equal terms. Lunar Chair welcomes its user and convinces with its carefully designed ergonomics, comfort and aesthetic expression. The naturally oiled oak is beautiful and maintenance-free and brings a beautifully patinated elegance to the chair as years go by.

Form & Refine aims to make Lunar Chair one of those chairs you will want to spend your life with. A partner that stays with you when you build or expand a family or when you design an office, a hotel or a restaurant. A piece of furniture with ergonomic qualities and comfort that will appeal to anyone who uses it and a sustainable DNA that is resilient enough to last for generations.