Winter swimming for those who dare in the Port of Copenhagen

DyPPezone 01
The movable open-air bath consists of 8 floating modules which are assembled around a pool in the middle. The pool is equipped with an adjustable bottom which can be lifted up and down according to season and needs.

In this way, the Dyppezone can be used both as a children’s pool in the summer and as a cold water basin in the winter.

The open air-bath is, in contrast to the permanent bathing zones in the Port of Copenhagen, a small mobile unit that can easily be moved around the harbor.

Located either in the existing bathing zones or in connection with events and saunas set up on the quayside. Free for use to all bathing Copenhageners who want a comfortable and safe way to swim in the harbor.

Who: Copenhagne municipality
What: Movable open-air bath
Where: Copenhagen
When: 2020
Design by Fokstrot