Wind by Jin Kuramoto – Offecct

Wind by Jin Kuramoto – Offecct

Wind, a celebration of the beauty of nature

“These room dividers are a concept more than individual products. They can be seen as a celebration of the beauty of nature — a forest of organic shapes that also control acoustics like a kind of tuner, and that make the environment more pleasant and friendly. My inspiration always comes from nature. There are no more perfect shapes than those of a snowflake, a bee hide or a leaf. I think that it will be very nice to have these room dividers as reminders of nature’s beauty in a hospital or a large office landscape, for example. They also make it possible to speak in private even in acoustically chaotic environments.”
—  Jin Kuramoto
Wind by Jin Kuramoto – Offecct
pressbild_windJIN KURAMOTO GRADUATED FROM KANAZAWA COLLEGE OF ART IN 1999 and founded his own design studio in Tokyo in 2008. The studio applies its strong, clear and innovative design philosophy to products in the furniture, home electronics, automotive and daily necessities markets. Among the studio’s clients are Arflex Japan, Toyota, Nikon, Sony, Audio-Technica and Honda.



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